February 07, 2013

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Now Adding On Demand Content to TWCTV.com for PC and Mac

Last December, we launched On Demand content to our TWC TV app for iPad, with the same upgrade coming to the PC/Mac version of the app in the first quarter of 2013.

That day is here. Starting today, we will add certain free and subscription On Demand content (for Networks you subscribe to, like HBO, etc) to our web browser product, TWCTV.com.

Features include::

• Over 4,000 on demand TV shows and movies from 91 providers
• Browse content with full color box art by:
o Featured category (new titles, seasonal content)
o Broad category (A-Z listing of TV shows, movies and kids shows)
o Network
• Search the on demand catalog by title
• Pause, fast-forward and rewind (fast forward disabled where programmers require it)

The site requires IE 7.0 or higher for Windows. Firefox 4, Safari 5 or Chrome 24 is required for Windows or Macintosh. The Microsoft Silverlight plugin (version 5.0 or higher) is also required.

The on demand feature will go live at www.twctv.com on Thursday, February 7 — today.

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