March 21, 2013

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Making the Intelligent Choice With Intelligent Home

I have owned a home in Charlotte, NC just outside of the city center since 2004. There’s a higher crime rate close to the city. I had never felt unsafe, I know my neighbors and I am very aware of my surroundings, but recently certain types of crime were on the rise in my area.

Stories of a women getting robbed at gunpoint about a half a mile from my neighborhood were getting more and more common. Area police say one of the best ways to deter criminals from breaking into your home it to install a home security system and use it properly.

One of the benefits of being a Time Warner Cable employee is that we are able to test new products before they are made available to our customers. After hearing of my neighborhood woes, our security guy suggested I become a beta tester of our new IntelligentHome service, which is available in many parts of the country and just launched throughout the Carolinas.

IntelligentHome is no ordinary home security system, it’s a whole-house management system. It’s Internet based, completely wireless, and works from a dedicated modem in the home. Even cooler, I can access the system from my smart phone. It’s also available via mobile apps for iPads, iPhones, computers and Android devices.

In addition to all the features commonly found in other home security systems, it offers remote access thermostats, lighting controls and webcams. It’s a seriously cool product.

Though I originally got the system to protect my home, I have fallen in love with all of the other features of IntelligentHome, particularly the thermostat control and webcams. Now I can program my HVAC system to heat and cool the house when I want, and I can control my temperature from anywhere, just by logging in from my Droid phone. I have had the system for just over a year, and I have already seen a significant drop in my energy costs.

The webcams are also fantastic. I can peek in on my pup, Murray, periodically to make sure he is ok. I just love taking that 5 minute break during the day to see him doing what I sometimes wish I could be doing during the work day – sleeping.

I took the photo above of him in his favorite spot from my office computer.

I also sometimes use a dog walking service, and I love that I can set the system to text me a photo when the dog walker arrives and when they leave. This way I know Murray is being cared for, and I am getting the full service visit I requested.

There are some amazing demos on the website, so you can see everything in action. I learn something new about this product every day. Even the touchscreen is cool. You can check the weather, news, or use it as a digital picture frame just by uploading photos to flickr.

The most important thing about IntelligentHome is that it gives me peace of mind. I feel safer, I’m saving on energy costs and I know my house is secure when I am not there. But the best part is that when I shut my door and leave, I am still control of everything that is happening at home.

IntelligentHome is currently available in the following areas: Albany, Central NY, Western NY, Maine, Eastern Carolina, Charlotte, South Carolina, Greensboro, Los Angeles, San Diego, Hawaii, Kansas City

It should be available in late summer/early autumn in: Ohio, Wisconsin, North Texas, Central Texas, South Texas, NYC

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    Do we have this in Canandaigua or Hopewell, NY?

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