March 01, 2013

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Time Warner Cable Scores A Knockout For the Boys & Girls Clubs

The Regional Golden Gloves Tournament in San Antonio

(SAN ANTONIO, TX) – What do you get when you combine 1200 avid boxing fans, 28 boxers, 14 bouts and one incredible venue?  “Blown away,” says Melissa Sorola, Director of Communications for Time Warner Cable in San Antonio.  It was Sorola’s first time at a live boxing event and she was not disappointed. “When I walked into the auditorium and saw the crowd and the ring, I said, wow!”

For the seventh straight year, Time Warner Cable sponsored San Antonio’s Regional Golden Gloves’ Tournament held at the Scottish Rite Center.  Boxers, ages 17 – 34, competed in two divisions for the title of regional champion and the right to move onto the State Golden Gloves Tournament.

Golden Glove boxers square off at the Scottish Rite Center in San Antonio

TWC’s sponsorship of the Golden Gloves goes far beyond the ring, however.  In fact, the company provides a one-two punch that also benefits inner-city kids.  Ticket proceeds from the event go directly to the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio. “The Golden Gloves Tournament falls perfectly into our goals,” explains Sorola, who also sits on the board of directors for the BGC of San Antonio. “The training leading up to it provides great life skills and builds character for the future.”

“It’s the perfect storm, but in a good way,” says Zuani Maria Villarreal.  Villarreal is Director of Development for the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio and says “many of these boxers grew up in the Boys and Girls Clubs, so this is a chance for them to give back, and at the same time, it’s a chance for them to reach for their dreams.”

TWC provides the boxers with bags, towels and water bottles

Time Warner Cable’s sponsorship includes a cash commitment to the tournament, while providing free air time to run Public Service Announcements which promote the event and ticket sales.  The boxing matches are then televised on TWC’s Texas SportsChannel and are later made available, locally, On Demand. “I can’t stress enough that having Time Warner Cable involved in broadcasting the championships elevates the event to a higher level for both the crowd and the boxers.” adds Villarreal.

Whether it’s encouraging the fighters to reach for a higher level or simply encouraging children in San Antonio to reach for their dreams, Time Warner Cable’s support of the Golden Gloves Tournament has become a knockout that many in this Texas town continue to embrace.

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    It’s nice to know that TWC support sports as well.

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