March 15, 2013

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TWC Opens Its Largest Experiential Store Near NY’s Capital

Interactive display at TWC store

Customers can play with TWC apps and see results on the giant monitor or experiment with the features of IntelligentHome.

What has 18 TVs and monitors, 15 tablets, three smartphones and two laptops?

No, not your teenager.

It’s Time Warner Cable’s newest company store, located on the upper level of Colonie Center mall near Albany, NY. It’s listed as the “TWC Experience Store” on the mall’s directory tower, and it s quite the experience.

Everywhere you look, you are invited to experience Time Warner Cable products and take them on a test drive. Signs near every device invite you to touch them. Play here. Learn here. Explore here. Discover here. Watch here. Surf here. Dive in. Play around. Ask away.

Jimmy Neutron at the TWC store in Colonie, NY

Nickelodeon's Jimmy Neutron visits the grand opening of the TWC store in Colonie, NY.

“Time Warner Cable’s new experiential store in Colonie Center is another way we’re connecting with the greater Capital Region and our customers,” Blaine Altaffer, group vice president, sales channel & marketing, said in a statement. “Customers have different preferences on how they like to shop and get information and some still prefer to pay their bill or exchange equipment in person.  This store meets all of those needs in one exceptional location.  As we continue to introduce new product technologies and features, this innovative store will serve as another resource for area residents to better understand new technologies like Time Warner Cable’s growing digital features and program offerings.”

Or you can see the store through the eyes of one customer who was nearly speechless. “It’s … bigger. It’s cool,” he said with eyes wide open and twisting his head side to side.

You can play with the iPad® and watch camera monitors in the IntelligentHome area. You can sit in the “living room” and try out Whole House DVR. And if you have any questions, any of the 21 employees can help you.

“This incredible in-person customer experience showcases how Time Warner Cable invents better ways to let our customers enjoy their passions with our products and services,”  Stephen Trippe, area vice president of operations, Time Warner Cable Albany, said in a statement. “The experience begins as soon as they walk through our doors.”

“I am excited that Time Warner Cable has chosen to locate its largest experiential store ever here in our great Town of Colonie,” said Colonie Town Supervisor Paula A. Mahan. “Following on the opening last year of the new Time Warner Cable operations center in Colonie, this unique new customer-oriented store in Colonie Center is one more example of Time Warner’s ongoing commitment to our community.”

The Colonie Center store is the largest experiential store to open to date.  There are similar interactive stores in Queens, NY: Staten Island, NY; Appleton, Wisc.; and Wilmington, NC. TWC plans to expand the concept to other stores nationally over the next several years.


  1. Former Customer's reply

    Well, at least potential customers can see how bad it is BEFORE they sign up!

  2. Denise's reply

    Too bad they still give you the same refurbished crap when you go there. Today we were given a power cord for our “new” DVR which we didn’t realize until we took it of the bag at home that it was caked in dirt. How the clerk didn’t notice this when she took it out of a locked drawer is beyond me. So we make another trip to get a clean cord only to find the new DVR doesn’t work. Call TW and they say cable locally is out. Try later on and still not working yet other TVs in house work. Another call to TW and now we are told the DVR is bad. You know the DVR this beautiful high tech store just gave us. So now they’re sending a tech but not for 3 days. I wonder if our bill will be created for the 3 days we’ll be out the use of our digital cable? Probably not. After all they have this high priced store to pay or thanks to us overcharged customers.

  3. Bill's reply

    The store would have been better placed in Crossgates than Colonie Center; it has that faux hip feel similar to Apple, Fios.
    Thirty years ago I would have been greatly impressed but now I just wish they had chairs at each service stand so I could rest my back instead of the new individual counters.

    The staff is courteous and friendly enough a step above say a Bestbuy but you leave feeling like you just left a McDonalds and not a store that was there to sell you something that is not cheap.

    What I would like, a store that has HDTV boxes that are not ancient by today’s technology and the few boxes they have with current tech are for all the customers and not just those who subscribe to signature home.

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