March 06, 2013

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We Have Launched the TWC TV App for Roku Streaming Players

Yesterday, we launched our newest TWC TV platform: TWC TV for Roku Streaming Players.

This first release will offer the same live TV line-up found on our existing TWC TV apps for Apple iOS, Android and PC browsers. We’re building on the success of TWC TV for mobile devices and PCs by supporting our first traditional TV screen experience. The user interface reflects our TWC TV look & feel, but in a way that will be familiar and easily navigated by current Roku users.

The Roku 1.0 product is similar to our first Apple iOS product in that it is focused on live TV. Additional features including on demand free and subscription content will be added later this year. Key features of this release include:

1. Access up to 300 channels of live programming at home (identical to
current TWC TV line-up, varies by system)
2. Browse carousels of genre-grouped titles represented by
full color box art
3. Quickly recall recently viewed channels
4. Set and recall favorite channel list
5. Parental control channel blocking (configured within
MyServices, as with other TWC TV apps)

The TWC TV Channel is supported on Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku HD (model 2500R), and Roku LT players, as well as the Roku Streaming Stick. Roku 1 players are not supported. Customer must have a TWC ID and a Roku user name and password in order to access TWC TV (or any other Roku channel).

Like all TWC TV apps, Standard Cable TV and a TWC-authorized modem are required.


  1. Alex's reply

    It’s a great addition to my Roku. Thanks!

  2. Edward's reply

    Wow. That was faster than expected. Any word on when the former Insight areas can look forward to this?

  3. josh's reply

    Why are local channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC missing from the TWC TV APP?

  4. stan's reply

    I’m going to ask the “what about me” question.

    Is an Apple TV version in the works?

  5. E's reply

    Any ETA on when a app will be ready for the Western Digital TV Live?


  6. davox's reply

    Please add on demand.

  7. Jay's reply

    It looks good on the Roku. Only problem is I am not getting ESPN or ESPN2. I get them fine on my DVR and HD box. Quality seems fine even over wireless n connection to roku.

  8. Brendan's reply

    I have TWC Standard (Extended Basic) and I thought I’d get channels I could already view via cable before the TWC app was launched, such as ESPN, ESPN2, FSW, FSW2, The Weather Channel, etc… so my question is when you get the app on Roku, do you get all of the channels in your video package? I don’t have all of mine on Roku yet.

  9. Dave's reply

    Nice. But I thought the broadcast networks, CBS, ABC, etc., were to be included – but they are not there. Although some of the reviewers of the app talk about them. Will they be coming soon?

  10. Laura's reply

    I can’t sign up for an account for my roku, I’m not in your area. Wish roku wouldn’t have that on mine since I can’t get it.

  11. Jason's reply

    So for customers to use this App, do they need to be subscribe to TWC’s TV service? Can they be internet only customers and still get the App on their phones/tablets/rokus? Thanks.

  12. Steve H's reply

    No guide? I have to scroll through every single channel to see what’s on? Oy. This needs to be fixed.

  13. Sue's reply

    If I don’t live in a TWC area can I pay for a Roku only account?

  14. Rich's reply

    TWC should charge users who can’t get their service in their area but free for users who subscribe to TWC.

  15. Jimmy Jazz's reply

    This is a nice addition to the service and it is appreciated. Now, please work something out with Netflix regarding their “Open Connect” network so I can watch their 3D movies through my TWC connection!

  16. Brian's reply

    I was excited about this news but that quickly dissipated when I found you had to be both a cable subscriber and an Internet subscriber. I certainly understand the need for the one, but as a cable-only subscriber of TWC for many years I am dissapointed that is not enough to use this app.

  17. Joanne's reply

    A better addition would be adding The Blaze TV to the options.

  18. Jasper's reply

    So I have Time Warner Standard Cable TV but not Time Warner internet service. Can I use my Roku box when traveling to watch my channels (like over hotel Wi-Fi)?

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