April 24, 2013

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We Are Deploying Free Public WiFi For Customers in Austin, TX — Starting Today

We began deploying TWC WiFi™ in Austin Texas today — a citywide WiFi Hotspot network free to our customers with Standard Internet or above, as well as Business Class subscribers. We’re also offering a free trial and prepaid access starting at $2.95/hour to those not qualifying for free access.

Customers can already access hotspots around the Barton Springs/Zilker Park area with hundreds more on the way in 2013 as we build out the network. TWC WiFi™ will be introduced at popular locations where residents eat, live and play like Lamar, Congress, 5th and 6th Streets.

Users should look for the TWC WiFi™ network name and then follow prompts to connect. All you need is the same username/password combo that you use sign log into MyServices to manage your TWC account.

To easily locate and access TWC WiFi™ Hotspots, customers are encouraged to download the free TWC WiFi™ Finder app available in Google Play and the Apple App Store or check out this hotspot coverage map.

We’ve been rolling out our free WiFi network across our footprint for some time now, as part of our larger strategy to offer significantly more value to our Internet subscribers. Austin was in the game plan for 2013. But Google’s recent announcement encouraged us to deploy our network more aggressively now. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re ready to compete.

Even more good news: our Internet customers also have access to the nation’s largest free WiFi Hotspot network, with over 100,000 hotspots, through the CableWiFi network name. The network enables TWC Internet customers to access the hotspots operated by TWC and other cable companies in major cities across the country including New York City; Los Angeles; Chicago; Philadelphia; Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Orlando; Tampa, Kansas City, Charlotte and more.


  1. martin goldstein's reply

    How about free wifi in Milwaukee?

  2. Jason Schwartz's reply

    Hmmm.. wonder if this has anything to do with Google Fiber coming to town?

  3. Salina Walker's reply

    Way to go Time Warner! With the growing number of smart phone users, this will help our customers save on wireless data plans. just another way to Enjoy Better 🙂

  4. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    It does – I believe I mentioned that in the post, Jason.

  5. Allen Velasquez's reply

    Of course this doesn’t stop Time Warner from preventing municipalities the freedom to offer broadband. Oh, no, they’ve lobbied time and time again for states to pass protectionist laws against this: “Right now, state legislatures — where the incumbents wield great power — are keeping towns and cities in the U.S. from making their own choices about their communications networks.”

  6. High Speed's reply

    I take it you have to have TWC TV service as pure data customers don’t get a my services login…

  7. R. Meadows's reply

    IT’S NOT FREE!! You must be a paying customer of @TWXcorp or pay $2.95 an hour. FREE = No Cost. Recently their CFO stated publicly that they weren’t doing Fiber because their customers didn’t want it. Just wait till Google Fiber is running in Austin. TWC can kiss that market goodbye and then fire that dolt of a CFO.

  8. Sammie Sawee's reply

    Dallas, the home of AT&T would be a great place to expand the wifi to…

  9. matt's reply

    Any why would anyone want to use this free wifi, which I’m sure offers no security what so ever, over 1 GB connections?

    The CEO of Time Warner was WRONG…consumers do want fast connections. I would rather pay $70 a month for 1GB connection than have a free for life wi-fi that has standard speeds.

    Get with the program TW! Eventually you will be out of the ISP business.

  10. Common Sense's reply

    Google Fiber is the future…

  11. John's reply

    Gotta love people that complain about free. Go ahead and find a 1 gb that is unlimited for 70 dollars. Matt’s missing the point at least twc is offering it free to its customers with no cap. And as far as Allen goes learn more before you start talking. Personally I think it is great that twc is willing to offer it as a free service and unlike AT&T and Verizon who don’t even offer unlimited wireless. Or even wifi anywhere.

  12. Rob's reply

    Free WiFi? BFD. How about better than 1 Mb upload for starters?

    Oh, and TWC needs to think long term, not short. You’ve lost thousands from us for want of $33.

  13. Charlie's reply

    Yeah, well I live in The Colony, TX next to Plano and Frisco TX. I travel the whole Dallas Metroplex all the time and I never was able to find Time Warner hotspot. TWC better wake up. I changed my bundle to u-verse and my whole family loves it. It’s like watching a new generation of TV service and my Internet speeds are 18mbs downstream and I can access all AT&T hotspots for free. If you do sign up for uverse watchout for the $49.00 one time fee per receiver. Make sure they only charge you for the first receiver the other should only be $7.00 per month. When you tally up the order on the internet if you don’t watch out and pay attention the install will be much more expensive. I actually had to chat with the AT&T rep to have them take that off the order.
    Carlos Meza
    The Colony Texas

  14. Jay's reply

    If TWTC expands to Dallas, they’ll have rights to claim the golden statue that’s located in the Ed Whittacre building. Who knows. AT&T likes to sell things, and maybe with an appropriate offer, the statue is next. The CEO of AT&T recently gave a speech at The University of Colorado, where the CEO said he “Sold everything that wasn’t bolted down”.

    In the not-so-distant past, AT&T sold Telcordia (Formerly known as “BellCore”) to Sweden-based Ericsson, which was a real surprise. Ericsson invented the telephone a few decades before AT&T. But AT&T was first to patent it.

    TimeWarner should make a tender offer for the statue. The Statue is called “The Spirit Of Communication”. There’s a Wikipedia article about it’s history.

  15. Grow Up's reply

    Why are you people so negative? TWC has brought Austin’s Internet infrastructure light years and their product set is about a billion times more accessible and flexible than AT&T. Google is future? If their broadband effort are as glitch ridden and thrown together as their mobile phone software, or a placid and vacant as Google plus. God help us all. Also forget browser choice and privacy once Google gets here. You’ll be switching back to TWC is droves and waiving your TOFU patties in the air while you ride down the road on your little bicycles with your Austin is Weird shirts. Wake up people.

  16. Ken Morris's reply

    What a joke Time Warner. Did Google get your curiosity and attention? Goggle Fiber is a game changer and an oligopoly breaker. http://goo.gl/xBqWs

  17. Jason Schwartz's reply

    Thanks “Grow Up” for your anonymous and very amusing post. Google’s software and content is much different than it’s delivery method. Let’s stick to the main focus here unless we want to compare Google and the RR.com landing pages.

    TWC’s infrastructure is likely only light years to the pole at best. TWC’s DOCSIS 3.x isn’t capable of delivery at the speeds Google is offering to the home. Even a small Telco in VT is starting to roll out to it’s footprint FTTH and 1 Gbps speeds at half Google’s cost! So let’s compare here: Google 1 Gbps at $70, VTel 1 Gbps at $35 and TWC 15Mbps up/1 Mbps down (note the M not the G here) for approximately $50 depending on your location. And we’re supposed to be happy about free WiFi? I can go to any Starbucks and get that! I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the free WiFi in NYC (when I can find it AND successfully log on) but I’m not paying them for free WiFi. I am paying them for a home connection and they just don’t compare to what’s being offered elsewhere.

    How about this… my home Internet plan at 15/1 doesn’t even include home WiFi yet my TWC rented box (which Google offers free) has the WiFi DISABLED and I can’t turn it on locally because they remotely manage the router. They charge an ADDITIONAL FEE for WiFi!

    The free Wifi is at best a magician’s sleight of hand to distract you from the magic.

    And Jeff, you’re right. You did mention Google Fiber as being the encouraging force in rolling this out.. being a bit sarcastic. Just wish TWC was more PROactive than REactive.

  18. stan's reply

    “We’ve been rolling out our free WiFi network across our footprint for some time now”

    LOL really? They have about two blocks of a single street covered.

  19. Bill's reply

    I can’t even get TWC to provide me with their meager existing service. They want me to pay for them to install their infrastructure on my street, in an old, established neighborhood. Their guess is $2,000. This is in spite of the fact they provide service throughout my neighborhood other than on my street.

    Hello Google and AT&T. Good riddance TWC.

  20. stephanie kincheloe's reply

    Great concept TWC, but you have clearly missed the boat in understanding our needs for fast internet access. When I land on your hotspot, I must enter my username and ow every single time. The login is slow and at times, just spins. Why not have me enter my credentials one time, and recognize me in the future. That would be fast and easy access. Much like my home internet service with TWC, it is hit or miss.

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