April 22, 2013

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Expanding The Intelligence Of Your Home

Time Warner Cable launches new home management and security system, IntelligentHome, across its markets in 2013.

How does a company, with its roots firmly planted in the cable, Internet and phone industry, find itself in the home management and security business? For starters, how about a good old fashioned opportunity?

“When people move, one of the first companies they call is the cable company,” explains Adam Mayer, Vice President of IntelligentHome for Time Warner Cable. “Those same customers often find themselves in need of home security as well, and now we can offer both in one call.”

Time Warner Cable launched IntelligentHome back in 2011, and with it, launched itself into the brave new world of home security and energy management. Today, Dallas becomes the latest city to welcome IntelligentHome technology as part of the company’s on-going plan to expand the service throughout its U.S. markets. The service is already available in TWC markets in Upstate New York, Maine, New Hampshire, the Carolinas, Southern California, Hawaii, Kansas City and other parts of Texas, including Austin and San Antonio.

IntelligentHome is TWC’s next-generation home management service that puts customers in control of their home security and comfort from just about anywhere, via an in-home touchscreen, laptop or mobile device. Wireless technology allows users to remotely adjust their thermostat and lights, while providing the freedom to monitor surveillance cameras when they’re not home. You’ll find much more on IntelligentHome, including product-demonstration videos on the TWC website.

An IntelligentHome monitor and camera in action

The idea that a video, Internet and phone provider could actually take the leap into the business of securing and managing homes is nothing new to Time Warner Cable. The company started providing home security in 1981 to customers in Syracuse, N.Y. Time Warner Cable then expanded those operations to other parts of New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. This original system, which is still up and running, utilizes traditional wiring throughout the house.

On the other hand, IntelligentHome seizes the power of easy-to-use broadband technology to control the home’s comfort and combines it with professional, 24/7 security monitoring.  “IntelligentHome is a wireless platform with endless possibilities,” Mayer says.  The eventual goal is to expand that platform by providing home health care, elderly care and other services that will help make life simpler and easier.

“Imagine being able to check your vital signs at home and then send them to your doctor,” Mayer says. “What if an elderly relative fell and no one was there? An IntelligentHome may someday alert paramedics to come help.”

According to TWC research, roughly 80 percent of American homes do not have a security system.  It’s one reason why the company plans to continue its roll out of IntelligentHome later this year, including New York City and parts of Ohio and Wisconsin.

For Time Warner Cable, opportunity is knocking at the door, and more than ever, the company is aggressively competing to make sure that door is safe, comfortable and secure.

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