April 17, 2013

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The TWC TV App Has Launched

The new TWC TV app for iOS went live in the Apple store this morning, and has been propagating across Apple’s servers all day. In order to see the new out-of-home content, you’ll need to download the updated version of the TWC TV app, which may take a while to show up on the Apple store’s servers. This is nothing that we can control, it’s simply the Apple servers talking to one another and making copies of the app available across the store.

By this evening, you should be able to update the app and watch On Demand and some live streaming content

And look, I heard you the first time: we didn’t forget about Android. App updates are coming to Android, too, soon. Just not today.

We shot a few short Q&A videos about the app with Mike Angus, our SVP and GM of Programming – you may find these interesting:

“Are more programmers coming on board?”

“How does upgrade put us ahead of competition?”

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