April 16, 2013

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The TWC TV App Will Allow You to Watch On Demand and Live Programming Outside Your Home

Those long waits at the DMV are about to get better: as of tomorrow morning, our TWC TV app for Apple iOS will enable customers to view select On Demand and live programming outside of the home.

On top of that, we’re improving our live TV mini-guide by introducing convenient guide sorting and genre filtering. And naturally, we plan to update the app for Android and PC/Mac in the near future as well.

This is the biggest news for the TWC TV app since we first launched!

Our initial out-of-home On Demand library offers over 1,100 hours of programming from the following providers:

BBC America
Comedy Central
Cooking Channel
Food Network
Nick Jr.
Travel Channel
TV Guide Network
TV Land
VH1 Classic

We’re also offering live TV from the following national networks:

BBC America
beIN Sports (English/Spanish)
TVGuide Network

Additionally, all Time Warner Cable local news channels will eventually be available out of home, though all local news, traffic and weather channels may not be available immediately. The following news channels will be available at launch:

NY1 Noticias
News 14 Carolina
YNN (New York and Texas)

This is just the beginning of an expanding channel lineup and content library to come.


  1. JT's reply

    I would like to see these updates pushed to Android devices with Jellybean compatibility. I feel that when ever the company speaks about being able to use smart devices the main focus is on IOS.

  2. Ryan C's reply

    Jeff, Android users had to wait for an OS upgrade to get live streaming (months after iOS), and have waited for almost 5 months for On Demand Content (undelivered in the 1st quarter as stated) and now not receiving remote viewing capabilities.

    Android users have a greater market share than iOS and should have the benefit of the same features.

  3. WishfulThinking's reply

    But can we use the app without requiring TWC home internet service yet? I have TWC business class, why can’t I use the app to watch TV?

  4. Jared's reply

    What about AirPlay? I don’t really care for outside my own, but would like to be able to use AirPlay since I dont get OnDemand without a cable box (HTPC)

  5. Michael Crabtree's reply

    That’s great. I was hoping that CW Channel would be added to the live tv stations.

  6. TWCableHelp's reply

    Access to TWC TV content is available to persons that only subscribe to digital cable. We’d install a wireless gateway to grant access to the app on your mobile devices or computer. Please be advised that as this would not be providing an internet connection, there would not be a fee associated with it.

  7. Chris's reply

    Please add OnDemand for your Roku app!

  8. Jose's reply

    TWC does not stream El PAquetazo Package. Not all video subscription qualify for this service.

    Time Warner cable needs to clarify this with its’ customers.

  9. Mitchell's reply

    There is no reason this couldnt be opened for android at the same time. The app already exist, it just has to do with the requirment of being connected through your modem. This is a low move TWC. The excuse of needing to wait for the next OS isnt going to work this time. Clearly someones getting paid to give apple a headstart. I am not happy with this.

  10. Ryan's reply

    Thank guys, but I have to second the request to please update the Android app ASAP to support this (as well as the on-demand features). My Nexus is dying to stream while I’m out of home.

  11. Geoffrey's reply

    Awesome. Great. More services. Now for the million dollar question. This is for iPads. Not everybody uses an iPad. I only use Microsoft products ( Win7/8 laptop, surface RT, Surface Pro ).

    When will you bit the bullet, migrate to HTML5 and finally support the rest of the world you have been orphaning from these services?

  12. joe's reply

    I’m thinking about getting tw for roku/ios app, but am I able to use this app on multiple devies(within the home)

  13. Aaron's reply

    Well done. This is good for a start but I hope you will catch up and offer outside your home access to our DVR.

  14. Mark K.'s reply

    Hi Jeff, is this going to require an app. update or will it just start working with the current version of the app.? I only ask because it’s 2013-04-17 09:32 EDT and the “live TV” feature is still unavailable outside of my home.

  15. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Mark K. – You will definitely need to upgrade the app.

  16. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Geoffrey – we’re coming out with updates for PC/Mac and Android soon.

  17. David Hiatt's reply

    When should we see the App update in the store?

  18. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @David Hiatt – sometime today.

  19. Steve's reply

    I would like to see the updates myself! I have Verizon iphone and see no updates and it still tells me I need to be connected to my home network!

  20. Jon's reply

    Will I be able to see all of the channels listed above or only the garbage included in my ‘basic cable’ package?

  21. Steve's reply

    Just got the update. However, it does not work. Nothing but errors.

  22. Mike's reply

    I have the new app and it hasn’t worked away from home yet. Error “Unable to determine network status at this time”

  23. daniel gatenio's reply

    For some reason, after updating the app, I get a “Unable to determine network status at this time.” error & the app does not let me watch Live TV or On Demand. I’m connected to WIFI.
    Any idea what the fix would be?

  24. Jon's reply

    Will I be able to see all of the channels listed above or only the channels included in my ‘basic cable’ package?

  25. Seth R.'s reply

    Hey Jeff, since this will work with iOS + airplay to an appleTV, will you guys also be making this work with roku?

  26. Jay's reply

    Down loaded the new app, works great, very exciting news, waiting to see new channels as they are added

  27. WishfulThinking's reply

    @TWCableHelp: I subscribe to digital cable and have TWC business class internet service. When I checked with a TWC rep, I was told the wireless gateway that would be installed would force me to have to switch my device registration between the wireless gateway and my home wireless router when I desired to watch TV with the app vs use the internet. That solution isn’t acceptable … please just allow digital cable subscribers to utilize the app without jumping through hoops!

  28. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @Seth R – can you clarify? This app should not work with Airplay/Apple TV.

  29. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    You have to be a subscriber to a channel in order to be able to watch it.

  30. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    @daniel – you may want to try uninstalling/reinstalling the app.

  31. WishfulThinking's reply

    I would also like an answer to Joe’s question above. Can multiple devices (more than one roku, ios app, laptop) make use of the streaming services at the same time within the home? Does roku work over a wired network or does it have to be connected to TWC’s wireless gateway?

  32. Dan K's reply

    The offerings seem like a small subset of what’s truly available as on demand through TW’s regular interface. Is there a reason for that? Why section off what I can see On Demand based on what I’m viewing it on. I’m already a subscriber.

  33. Qc tech's reply

    Fyi…2 techs in my dept both have iphones where one with Verizon carrier is able to view “tv anywhere” and the other with At&t carrier is not.

  34. Asho's reply

    Gud job…hoping to see more channels in the future

  35. Richard Greenlaw's reply

    I tried to use the guide tab to choose a show, but found I was
    trying to change channels on a cable box elsewhere in our home.
    We need a way to jump to the channel in live TV part of the app.

  36. Betty J Fulton's reply

    Like this app

  37. Shawn Powell's reply

    Why can’t I watch all the same channels on my twc app as on my tv?

  38. Ann's reply

    How will I know if I watch movies or tv shows on demand through the internet if and how much I will be charged? Thank you. Ann Capecelatro

  39. Andrew Russell's reply

    Hi Ann, thanks for writing. After you select your movie, you’ll see a menu prompt that will list the price of the movie and ask you if you want to buy it. If the movie or program is free, the menu will say “free” after press “select” and give you the option to play the movie. Hope this helps!

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