May 22, 2013

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Intelligent Home Featured on ‘Designing Spaces’

Last week, Designing Spaces on Lifetime featured Time Warner Cable’s IntelligentHome service. Designing Spaces is a home improvement and design television series that travels all over the country to redefine and redesign homes. Each episode features topics and trends on home improvement or décor.

Designing Spaces visited the home of Brent Ussery, Time Warner Cable’s IntelligentHome product director for the Carolinas. Brent has played an integral role in the development of IntelligentHome, the easy-to-use security and home management system that puts you in control of your comfort and security.

Watch video of Designing Space’s visit to the Ussery household on Discovery.

Brent and his wife Barbara have a beautiful, busy, and super tricked out home in the Charlotte, North Carolina suburbs. They share their home with their three dogs and 4-year-old triplets, Logan, Madden and Mackenna.

IntelligentHome helps them manage their home, kids and dogs. When the family was on a trip and left 90% of their lights on, they were able to save time, money and energy by being able to shut them off remotely from their smartphone.

On another occasion, the dog sitter had come by and did not shut the door correctly. Brent and his wife were able to see this and called the dog sitter to come back to properly close the door. Also, when the triplets were in the mood to have a party one late night, the parents were able to see them up to their mischievous behavior from downstairs. IntelligentHome takes technology to a whole new level and provides parents some much needed flexibility.

Thanks to IntelligentHome and some pretty crafty parenting skills, Brent’s home is run like a well-oiled machine. Logan, Madden and Mackenna are clearly naturals in front of the cameras.  I think Brent and Barbara may have some budding TV stars on their hands.

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