May 06, 2013

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Not Your Typical Service Call: TWC Techs Rescue Kitten

A kitten is rescued by the hands of two TWC techs

He may be a former U.S. Marine, but Time Warner Cable maintenance technician Scott Bird calls himself “a big softy” when it comes to animals. Bird’s soft spot along with his can-do attitude he developed in the Marines came in quite handy over the weekend. “Being a former Marine, there’s nothing I can’t overcome or conquer,” Bird said.

Bird, a TWC employee for 19 years, along with fellow maintenance technician, Matt Williams, found themselves in the precarious rescue of a kitten stuck inside a Time Warner Cable PVC pipe.

The rescue started late Saturday night at an apartment complex in San Antonio. A resident called the fire department when she heard the cries of the kitten. Firefighters worked for about an hour, but were unable to rescue the animal. That’s when they called Time Warner Cable. 

Williams says he arrived around 11:30 that night. “I tied some food to the end of a sheet and dropped it down the pipe, but it wasn’t working,” Williams explained.

TWC techs Matt Williams & Scott Bird rescue "Warner" the kitten

The next morning, Williams called Bird and the two techs returned to the scene to continue their rescue efforts. The kitten was trapped about five feet down in a PVC pipe that connects cables to an amplifier box. “One of our biggest concerns was that we might scare the kitten further down the pipe, which ran underneath the building,” said Williams, a 12-year employee of TWC.

The two technicians ended up digging out the dirt around the three-inch wide pipe and then cut it down in order to get closer to the trapped animal.

Bird then grabbed some rope from his truck and tied a loop in it, forming a make-shift harness. The techs lowered the rope into the pipe and gently guided it around the kitten’s body, before slowly lifting it to safety. “The kitten was covered head to toe in dirt and mud,” Williams recalled.  “All you could see was his big blue eyes.”

Meet the the two TWC techs and the rescued kitten by following this link.

The resident who originally called the fire department wound up adopting the kitten. She even named it “Warner” in honor of the two Time Warner Cable technicians who proved that some cats do have nine lives.

“It’s a great feeling to help a little critter who can’t do for itself,” Bird said.

More on the rescue from the NBC affiliate in San Antonio.


  1. Kim Whitaker's reply

    Kind of neat – A Bird rescued a cat. LOL

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