May 20, 2013

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Now Launching TWC Community Support Forums

Did you know that we have a specific section of the Time Warner Cable website for customer feedback — including a place where you can request specific TV channels?

It’s true – just follow this link, scroll down to the “Feedback” section and select “Channel Requests” from the drop-down box.

I learned this from our new TWC Support Community Forum, located here: You can see the post itself here.

And actually, I learned several different things about our products and services in these forums in less than half an hour – stuff that I wanted to know, but didn’t want to bother calling in to find out.

For example: if several Output Resolution settings on your cable box are highlighted at once, it can cause the box to take a long time to process channel changes, along with other commands/requests. See more here.

We have a lot of really helpful customers and employees who are happy to share tips, tricks, and information they’ve picked up with a broader community so that we can all benefit.

These forums are managed by TWC’s Online Care Team, but largely operated by our customers. Our people stick their heads in from time to time to help out, but the goal (like with any other community forum) is to get customers to help one another. In a lot of instances, this can save unnecessary phone calls, service appointments — time better spent watching TV or using the Internet service we provide in the first place.

Some of the more popular forum topics include:

  • Questions about set-top boxes, DVRs, cable cards, and tuning adapters provided by TWC
  • Get help regarding your internet service
  • Have a favorite channel you’d like to see? Questions about programming?

If you’ve got something you want to tell us, but you’re not sure how, try posting it in the relevant spot here. We’ll see it, and we’ll pass it along.

The goal here is to grow this community, to not only evolve the space so that customers can help each other, but also to have a consolidated, meaningful feedback tool for our employees to read in order to get a feel for what customers want, what works and what needs fixing.

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  1. Mark's reply

    One of the most important features of a DVR is never to miss recording a program. If you google the phrase
    “the set-top was unable to record this program” you will find countless TWC customers who are finding that for inexplicable reasons their DVR is failing to record shows.
    I have found that the only way to avoid this issue is to reboot my DVR at least once per week. Any longer and it will start to having recording failures. I can only assume that the Navigator software has a bug or a memory leak that causes degradation when the software is running for extended periods without a reboot.
    I am a software engineer so I can understand that it might be difficult to trace the root cause(s) of this bug but PLEASE could you at least give us a feature where we can schedule an automatic reboot every week so we don’t have to remember to reboot our boxes manually every week? My DVR is a 8300HD.

    Thanks for your help.


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