May 13, 2013

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Put It In Writing – Moms Are The Best

TWC's 2013 Best Moms finalists

When it comes to our mothers, we’re all a bit biased. Let’s face it, our moms rock. In fact, hundreds of students in Southern California are so sure of it, they put it down in writing and on video.

Time Warner Cable’s 2013 “Best Moms Contest” drew nearly 1,700 entries from students in grades 4 – 12, from San Diego, Palm Springs and surrounding desert cities. The kids were asked to submit either a written essay or a video describing why their mom is the best of the best.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, 49 finalists from the San Diego area, along with 25 finalists from the Desert Cities, gathered at separate luncheons, where the winners from each location were announced. One entry from the three age groups (elementary school, middle school and high school) received top honors as “Best Mom” –  six overall winners.

Here’s one of the winning essays by Morgan Clayton, an 8th grader at Palm Desert Charter Middle School, who wrote this glowing review of her mother, Lezly Clayton:

“My Mom is the definition of dedication, the role model for all mothers. I love her with all my heart and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. On a number of occasions I have ignored my mom, with idiotic things like how to wear my hair at school, and how to text my friends, when in the end she’s always right. She is my role model, my inspiration, my motivation and my counselor. My Madre supports me in my ever-changing interests, and she is constantly requesting ways that I can improve. Mother Goose is also a master with multi-tasking, I once experienced her on the phone, making dinner, and helping my sister with homework all at once. Whenever I feel confused about something, or in need of assistance I always find myself back in front of mother. Whenever I don’t feel like I’m doing something right, or not executing things to the best of my ability, Mo-Ma is always there for assistance. My momma is like Siri of my life. Mother is always looking for ways to help others, and I’ve never ever experienced her acting self-centered, or selfish towards anyone, and I love her for that. Lezly Rene Clayton is the Commander in Chief to the Clayton family, and I am proud to serve in her army!”

All six winners came from written essays, but several of the finalists submitted videos.  Here’s one of those entries that is sure to make you want to hug your mom:

To read the other five winning essays, click continue reading – and because mom said so.


Left to right: Lezly Clayton, Morgan Clayton, Abigail Smith, Lisa Jimenez, Dina Possidon Hildebrand and Alexandria Possidon

Best Mom:  Dina Possidon – Palm Desert, CA
Student:  Alexandria Possidon – Grade 4, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

“There are many reasons why I think my mom is wonderful and gets my vote for being the best mom in the world. She works hard each and every day to make a lot of people including me safe, healthy and happy.  My mom is a 2nd grade teacher at Lincoln elementary school where I am in 4th grade. It’s fun having a mom at school with me because I can go to see her whenever I want. My mom is also great because she is a super daughter. I call my grandma Yia Yia and she is getting pretty old. Doctors call it Alzheimer’s I think, but my Yia Yia forgets things I tell her pretty quickly. My mom helps my Yia Yia everyday by calling her and reminding her to take her medication. My mom also goes and helps her with her house jobs like groceries and shopping and cleaning up both inside and outside I love my mom because she is my best friend. She is always there for her students, her mom and for me.”

Best Mom:  Lisa Jimenez – La Quinta, CA
Student:  Abigail Smith – Grade 9, La Quinta High School

“While growing up she continuously teaches me lessons and drives into my mind how important school is and how it shapes me for the rest of my life. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am for everything I have learned. I know I can be whatever I imagine, whether it be a doctor, lawyer, marine biologist, astronomer, or even President of the United States. All those choices are up to me and more importantly accessible all because of her. Not only is my mother an inspiration and role model to me but she spends each and every day working as the director of Braille Institute, a non-profit organization to help those who are visually impaired. It fills my heart with absolute love to know that every single day she works just to see the smile on their faces and their sense of accomplishment. I definitely know that I’m not the only one that looks up to her but so do her co-workers and everyone that she meets. Seeing back I now know just how much I overlook what my mom does for me on a daily basis, from the simple actions to the ones that will impact my life forever. I know to take more time to appreciate the little things and give her more hugs and kisses, breakfast in bed. Every single moment spent with her is sacred and amazing, something I will always have close to me.”


Left to right: Heather Jessee, Hung Khuu, Brandon Khuu, Hannah Marquez, Rosalvina Macias de Marquez

Best Mom:  Heather Jessee – Pacific Beach, CA
Student:  Maya Jessee – Grade 4, Pacific Beach Elementary School

“My mom is the sweetest and most delicate of all. She knows more paradise than angels can recall. She’s not only beautiful, but passionately young.  My mom is a teacher; this job really benefits me because if I ever need help with any of my homework or help with a school project she is always there to help me. A mother is the trunk of the tree, the heart of the family, she always wants to keep my family moving forward and she is always willing to help me through hard times, she is always right there by my side when I am hurt or in pain. She also is always there to help me with school work so I can get good grades, but at the same time she wants me to like what I am doing. Great mom’s don’t come along all the time but I am very, very, very, lucky that I got one!”

Best Mom:  Rosalvina Macias De Marquez – Tierrasanta, CA
Student:  Hannah Marquez – Grade 7, De Portola Middle School

“My mom is the best. She is hardworking Mexican immigrant, passionate and intelligent like our people. She taught me to cherish my intelligence and love of learning. My mother taught me to be proud of my intelligence, my race, and my gender, things that some people might call setbacks. She is a study in confidence, in herself and in the opportunities the world gives us. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, yet she was born in a country where women are often second class. Rosalvina Macias De Marquez, my mother, is one of the most confident women I have ever known. She told me that I can be that anything as long as I put my mind to it, and I believe her. She taught me that being a good person is being an accepting person, someone who appreciates and celebrates differences. To me, she will always be the best mom in the world.”

Best Mom:  Hung Khuu – Clairemont, CA
Student:  Brandon Khuu – Grade 12, Preuss School UCSD

“My mom smiled at me and patted my head gently with the little energy she had. As a naïve fourth grader, I did not know what breast cancer really was or what troubles she was facing.  After a few months, my mom gradually recovered to full health.  My mother always said to my older brother and me, “Always try your best in everything you do and you will succeed in life.” After escaping Vietnam War with her family and surviving breast cancer, she knew life was too short to live without pursuing your own passion and dreams. I took her advice to heart and worked my way through school to achieve that success that my mom always talked about. My mom’s perseverance in every obstacle she faced has truly been an accomplishment that I admired.  I will continue to strive towards meeting her expectations of living life to the fullest.”

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