May 14, 2013

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The TWC TV App for Android Is Now Live

Last week, I mentioned that we were going to launch the TWC TV app for Android today. And, as promised, the TWC TV app for Android is now in the Google Play store, ready for you to download. We’d appreciate your feedback and ratings in the store, too.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Time Warner Cable today officially launched the latest TWC TV update for Android smartphones and tablets. Customers now have in home access to over 4,000 hours of Video On Demand content. Similar to the latest TWC TV launch for iOS, customers can also access select On Demand and live TV channels on the go over any WiFi connection. This update also includes performance enhancements and improvements to live TV mini guide to improve the overall user experience.

Key features include:
• In home access to over 4,000 hours of subscription and free On Demand content from 90 providers
• Out of home access to selected On Demand and live TV channels from any WiFi connection including over 1,100 hours of On Demand TV shows and movies from 26 top-rated networks; and up to 10 live TV news, sports and entertainment channels including all local TWC news channels
• Expanded device support for video playback for Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) or higher devices

Customers can download the app for Android devices through Google Play. TWC TV is available at no additional cost to Time Warner Cable Video subscribers.


  1. Jeff Zell's reply

    I was excited that with this update the TWC TV app would now work on my android 2.3.4 tablet, well I was wrong, a message box pops up that says it does not work on rooted devices, I never rooted it, it was bought new. The app needs to be updated to fix this. I’m very disappointed.

  2. Adam Gardner's reply

    I too was excited to watch live TV using the latest update for TWC TV. However, after viewing my latest bill, a new $4.95 Home WiFi fee was added for watching live tv, at home, with this new update. It’s too bad TWC needs to be so deceptive regarding this app that you can’t even use on the go. I’m extremely disappointed.

  3. DNo's reply

    When will the see the blessed headline: TWC To Begin Carrying MASN??!! hopefully before I switch to DirecTV and stop giving TWC $2500 of my hard earned money every year

  4. alen's reply

    can you get live sports with this? i tried this a few years ago on my ipad when it first came out and live sports didn’t play

  5. Doug-H's reply

    I just tried it… I already had TWC-TV to watch another channel while home and set my DVR remotely.. The Watch piece does show a handful of channels including the TWC News channels from any WIFI (odd how they send the NY1 channel to me in Charlotte along with News-14, the Carolinas news… ) But most others I receive at home are not delivered remotely… Similar with the On Demand…. Very limited compared to what I have when home.. But I can’t complain… something that I don’t have to pay extra for and it’s not available at my other location in FL that has Comcast/Xfinity.. I do have a Slingbox to my TV in FL that allows me to remote control and watch it…

  6. Bob's reply

    I have an android 4.0 tablet.This app worked fine on it for about two days and then just stoped.I have called and talked to so many folks about this and they said they would get it fixed.Well as of today they still have not got it working for me.When i log on it always says no cable box found, but i have two hd boxs in my house.Funny seems like this would be a simple straight forward app but i guess not.

  7. mm's reply

    Windows phone app?

    Is that ever going to happen?

  8. Robert Schuster's reply

    Really worthless, unless I can watch all of my programming when I’m away from my house. Direct TV lets you watch anywhere, anytime, so why not TWC?

  9. Donna S's reply

    I downloaded the app yesterday on my Samsung Galaxy II,Android 2.3. So, far, so good. Now I have to try it with my tablet. There doesn’t seem to be many public accesses out there in my area so I am unable to try that part of it yet.

  10. Barry's reply

    Still no local channels. There is no good reason for not giving us the local channels in our homes.

  11. John's reply

    The term “any WiFi connection” should include the caveat “in the US”. Do you think that none of your subscribers travel internationally on business or pleasure and might like to enjoy the service? Content is even blocked over a VPN. For once I was wildly excited about something with TWC. Now my excitement turns to frustration.

  12. Craig S.'s reply

    Hey Jeff,

    When is the app going to be made available to the Amazon crowd with the Fire and Fire HD’s? Hopefully it will be in the Amazon Marketplace before I’m in a nursing home. There are a lot of Kindle – Time Warner customers out there. Don’t forget about us!

  13. Jeff C's reply

    Nice try TWC. We love our Dish anywhere feature. Can watch all the channels we subscribe to on Dish on my 4g phone (unREAL HD) as well as use the phone as a hotspot and watch Dish on my hd kindle or laptop.The app is free through google play. Can also watch all our dvr recordings as well as live tv EVERYWHERE. We only use TWC for Roadrunner 🙂 Note to DNo above: please don’t go to indirectv, had them for 2years and were awful. Dish has the best equipment around and great customer service. (can’t beat The Hopper)

  14. trey's reply

    Watch anywhere on wi-fi? You mean watch anywhere on wi-fi WITHIN your on house. EXTREMELY disappointed. I’ll not be using this.

  15. Phantom's reply

    A real disapointment and waste of time

  16. Roger Meloy's reply

    In it’s current form this app is worthless. Why would I want to watch TV on a phone or tablet when I have HD TVs? It amazes me that TWC even advertize this product. If I’m paying for content, I expect to be able to access ALL the channels I pay for on various devices ANYWHERE, and not just restricted to my home network. I’m hoping that this is in the plans and the current version with all it’s restrictions is just a precursor for something really useful.

  17. Iris Folkson's reply

    When will it be available for the Windows 8 Surface RT?

  18. Jeff C's reply

    @Craig S,I was able to side-load the Dish Anywhere app onto my regular 7” Kindle last year and have since upgraded to the 8.9” hd Kindle and it works on there as well. It is now available in Google Play and you just need to check ‘allow applications from unknown sources’. Good luck!

  19. Jack Mro's reply

    will this ever be available for Blackberry devices?

  20. Doug Henderson's reply

    Other than virus infection warnings, I do not recall the comments submitted in response to a newly released app being as negative as what I’m seeing for the TWC TV app for android as has appeared in “Untangled” news letter. Perhaps these comments should have warranted a special edition of the news letter, one that did not contain the “un-” prefix in the title.

    I am very impressed and appreciative of the Honest and integrity that the TWC people display in printing these cons. I hope that this new approach is reflected in the training and morality is extended to the telemarketing and sales staff. Approx. a year ago, when I first signed up for my bundle, this was not the case.

  21. CStein's reply

    When will I be able to use this 1-on my Kindle Fire 2-outside of my home?
    Every time I go to my Verizon store, they keep telling me that I can do this and I respond with “really, so show me” and they cannot.
    It is NOT any device, any time, any where. LIES to get more money out of the customer.

  22. Sandra's reply

    Just another gimmick. I really can’t stand Time Warner Cable. I wish Verizon FIOS was offered in my area.

  23. jeff's reply

    Windows Phone PLEASE!

  24. Debbie M's reply

    For some reason the AMC (American Movie Classics)channel, in all of it’s many digital and HD variations, has ben removed from the Guide. Put it back! This app is good at allowing you to remotely schedule your DVR but that only works if the channel is listed in the Guide.

  25. Dave's reply

    Ok, not bad so far. Pretty good interface for a first go. Initially, I had only the shopping channels and CSPAN. Thank goodness that changed when I uninstalled and reinstalled. No local channels as previously indicated. Still, this is a good step forward.

  26. Boone Baldwin's reply

    Why have you not fixed the problem that allows TWC subscribers to use the Turner Classic Movie app?
    This is very frustrating. Is it a monetary reason?
    I am ready to switch to Dish.
    Is there a fix is sight in the next two weeks?

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