May 08, 2013

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TWC and LULAC Open Technology Center in Ohio

Our company recently added another location to a partnership with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). The latest “Empower Hispanic America Technology Center” was opened in April at OCCHA (Organización Cívica y Cultural Hispana Americana), a non-profit organization assisting the Spanish-speaking community in Youngstown, Ohio.

Susan Nieves, OCCHA executive director (back) assists people using the new technology center

TWC’s partnership with LULAC is a multi-year effort to dramatically expand broadband access and literacy among the Hispanic community. We are committed to support 15 LULAC centers around the country by providing complimentary broadband access. In addition, seven of those centers will also receive free computers and other technology equipment.

According to Susan Nieves, OCCHA Executive Director, “the new computer equipment and the complimentary high-speed broadband access will allow us to provide clients with a state-of-the-art computer center and internet service.”

Nieves added that more than 90 percent of OCCHA’s clients are from low-income household that don’t own computers or have access to the Internet. “The technology center is a tool that will help bridge the gap and improve the lives of the growing Hispanic and multicultural population we serve,” she said.

(L-R: Susan Nieves, OCCHA executive director; Don Kosec, TWC Business Class vice president; Minerva Colon, OCCHA board president; Jamael Tito Brown, Youngstown City Council president; John Ramos, deputy director of LULAC-Ohio.

Studies, including one by the FCC, have shown that the Hispanic community often lacks access to broadband services.

The Youngstown location is one of four new centers being set up this year by TWC and LULAC. New computer equipment and free, high-speed Business Class broadband service will be installed in LULAC community technology centers located in Lincoln, Neb., and Laredo and El Paso, Texas.The centers, part of LULAC National Educational Services Centers, Inc. (LNESC), provide job training and search assistance, English language courses, Citizenship classes, computer training and certifications, safe learning environments for students during after-school hours, and college application and financial aid seminars. The initiative increases access to technology, which is not accessible to many low income Hispanic families.Want to discover locations near you? Here’s a list of 11 of the TWC/LULAC centers across the country (four additional locations will be installed later this year):

Waukesha, Wis. – La Casa de la Esperanza
San Antonio, Texas – American Sunrise
Cincinnati, Ohio – Su Casa Hispanic Center
Charlotte, N.C. – Latin American Coalition
Kansas City, Mo. – LNESC Kansas
Los Angeles, Calif. – CARECEN
Cleveland, Ohio – El Barrio
Dayton, Ohio – El Puente
Youngstown, Ohio – OCCHA
Corpus Christi, Texas – LNESC Corpus Christi
Dallas, Texas – LNESC Dallas

Learn more about OCCHA and the TWC/LULAC open house in Youngstown in these three news stories: WKBN TV, WJMJ TV and the Youngstown Vindicator.

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