May 07, 2013

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We Are Upgrading the TWC TV App for Android to Include On Demand and Out-Of-Home Content

Android users can expect a serious upgrade to the TWC TV app as soon as next Tuesday. We’re adding access to over 4,000 On Demand TV Shows and movies as well as live TV and On Demand support for older Android devices (running Android 2.2 or higher).

Some of this content will even be available while you¹re away from home ­ mirroring the experience we provide in our TWC TV app for iOS.

Here’s what customers with TWC TV for Android can expect to

– In home access to over 4,000 subscription and free On Demand titles from over 90 different providers

– Out of home access to selected On Demand and live TV channels from any WiFi connection, including over 1,100 On Demand TV Shows and movies from 26 top-rated networks and a dozen or so live TV news, sports and entertainment channels including local TWC news channels (varies by market; but the providers are the same as the ones for the iOS app.)

– Improvements to live TV mini guide – filter the live TV mini guide by genre (action, comedy, sports, etc) or recently watched channels.

– Sort the live TV mini guide by network or show title

With this update, our app now supports video playback on 98% of all Android devices (running Android 2.2 or higher).

This update is currently scheduled for release to Google Play on Tuesday, May 14th.


  1. Nacon's reply

    Yeeeeaahhh… but still can’t watch it on Android.


  2. Jeff Simmermon's reply

    Nacon – this post very specifically says that the Android upgrade is going to come out on May 14th. Did you read the entire thing?

  3. Treshelle's reply

    I was going to say the same thing Jeff. Yay TWC good job!!!

  4. Eric's reply

    Will this update unblock the use of HDMI out on Android devices? I hope so!

  5. Dreamline's reply

    Any chance of adding DVR playback to the TWC App? Even if this is just In Home, it would allow us to watch DVR stuff from multiple screens in the house. Ideally, of course, I’d love to be able to watch my DVR-recorded stuff out of home.

  6. Ryan's reply

    Wooo! Thanks for the Android love (and not making us wait a year)!

  7. Rick's reply

    Will this update give us the ability to pick which DVR we want from the actual channel detail before we click on Record like it did previously

    It’s such a pain to have to exit the channel lineup to change the DVR you want to access through the settings

  8. sarandon's reply

    jeff the reason why nacon said that because he may have an older version of the android platform. any android version that is before the ice cream sandwich version (ex. froyo or gingerbread)can not watch live tv.

  9. Joshua's reply

    I know the Roku runs on a build of Linux. As android is based on Linux, does this mean an update for the Roku is around the corner as well (I hope I hope)

  10. Claus's reply

    It’s gonna be a lot easier to brag about TWC while watching TV on my phone!

  11. Michael's reply

    Any chance this will be available for the Kindle Fire HD anytime soon?

  12. Cicely's reply

    YESSSSS!!! Thank you TWC!

  13. Doug's reply

    I would like to atleast have DVR controller on the app

  14. Jon's reply

    Ok, Nice, now how about OnDemand, Guide and DVR for the Roku???

  15. Guy Hale's reply

    Will the update allow for streaming on Verizon Wireless 3G/4G connections, like the iDevice app allows?

  16. Don's reply

    COOL will be nice on the roku and the game consoles.

  17. Cliff's reply

    Why do you have to be on WiFi?? There are people who have unlimited data on Verizon,sprint, ect… Having to be connected to WiFi defeats the purpose of this app.

  18. Antonio's reply

    The article reads, “Out of home access to selected On Demand and live TV channels from any WiFi connection..” Is it WiFi only, or will this work over the 4G network?

  19. Joker's reply

    TWC is coming out with some really cool stuff cant wait for the updates.

  20. Faysal's reply

    It is Wifi only. It does not work with 4g.

  21. Faysal's reply

    With the exception of Verizon I believe.

  22. Tech's reply

    Where is the love for windows phone users?

  23. JO's reply

    When can we watch live TV via AT*T smartphones?

  24. Ralf T. W. & P.'s reply

    What time on May 14th?

  25. Kenneth's reply

    it would be nice to be able to watch things on my android even though i can’t get twc where i live but i work for twc. i just live too far out for twc to reach me but my android phone works out here in the sticks… 🙂

  26. Kerry's reply

    It would be even better if you could use it w/ a rooted device….

  27. Bryan's reply

    Windows Phone?

  28. JeffK's reply

    Based on my experience with the IOS App and the test of the users who have reviewed the app, I have zero confidence that the Android app has been tested or debugged. It’s great to tout all the great features and future direction the product will follow but if the software is full of bugs or worse does not function at all ….. Then why release it in what seems like at best Beta state of quality? TWC has the resources to deliver better product and apparently doesn’t care to.

  29. Louise Shellhammer's reply

    First of all, I am not computer literate! But, believe I have “successfully” downloaded the App. However, after being authenticated, I click on Live TV and get the following response: “To watch live TV, you must be connected to your home network.” How does one connect to home network, plus why would I want to watch TV on my Droid AT HOME, when I have two wonderful TVs at home? I want to watch TV on my Droid at work – on my lunch hour! Thanks for any insight. LShell

  30. Mike's reply

    Tried it. Doesn’t work with rooted devices.

  31. BORDI's reply

    working fine on samsung galaxy s2 sprint. but, “thousands of free On Demand TV shows”, I WONDER IF THIS OPTION IS REALLY FREE. i am AFRAID TO RECEIVE AN INVOICE VERY HIGH. CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM ME THAT THERE IS NO IMPACT ON THE BILLS?

  32. Brian's reply

    It now says unauthorized account when i go to the on demand section or watching live tv and i am at home and i am useing a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.0 🙁

  33. Shawn's reply

    Works fine, but only (4) channels away from home on wifi

  34. Lawrence Heichel's reply

    One of my most recent concerns was why can I set my DVR box to record a program using my Android Tablet but could not play back on my device? It appears you have solved my concern. I’ll be waiting for the upgrade. Your increase on the quantity Demand Programs sounds interesting.

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