June 12, 2013

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Cable Show: Tour the TWC Executive Suite & Preview New Products

Check out our home base at the 2013 Cable Show  – the TWC Executive Suite.  It’s one of 250 exhibits showcasing current and emerging technologies in the cable industry. The TWC Executive Suite is a one-stop shop to learn about the company’s new TV, IP, health and home security offerings.  In this exclusive video, get the scoop on our next generation set-top boxes, IntelligentHome, and business cloud services straight from Time Warner Cable product experts:


  1. BRC's reply

    Speaking of set-top boxes, has TWC figured out how to solve response lag and the problem of having to see “Please Wait” over and over? I had one tech suggest it was my remote that was the problem!

  2. Keith's reply

    You really need to show more of the guide. Brian Roberts CEO of Comcast had a whole section of his presentation dedicated to live demo the upcoming X2 revision of their cloud based guide.

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