June 14, 2013

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Check Out Our New TWC Media Campaign

The advertising side of our business – Time Warner Cable Media – has launched a new campaign called “That’s how.” The multimedia campaign is designed to help raise awareness to our ability to help local businesses and advertisers solve problems and reach their marketing goals.

The New York Times featured an article about “That’s how” on Monday. You can read it here.

Over the next six weeks, Time Warner Cable viewers will see a series of TV spots in our markets across the country, in addition to ads at www.rr.com.

The ads raise the questions, “How can your company prevail when competition is relentless? How can your business grow?” The answer, of course: “Time Warner Cable Media. That’s how.”

You can watch the first ad here:

A second ad uses compelling statistics to make the case for using Time Warner Cable Media to reach your audience. Watch it here:

Joan Gillman, EVP/COO TWC Media, said the new campaign speaks to TWC Media’s ability to tailor products and services to meet the needs of each client, whether it’s a large, multi-state business or a local mom and pop store. “We have the ability to bring Madison Avenue service to Main Street, and Main Street insights to Madison Avenue,” Gillman says.

To find out more go to TWC Media.

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