June 26, 2013

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NY1 Noticias Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

When Time Warner Cable’s NY1 launched NY1 Noticias, there were some who said a 24-hour, Spanish-language channel serving New York City’s Hispanic and Latino community would not survive. “When we started, critics said it was too good to be true and that it would last only a few months,” says Dan Jacobson, News Director for NY1 and NY1 Noticias.

NY1 Noticias signed on the air June 30, 2003. Not only did the channel survive, but it has thrived in the city’s competitive news market.  NY1 Noticias is celebrating 10 years of covering stories that impact Hispanics and Latinos in New York City’s five boroughs. Here’s a video retrospective of the past 10 years:

As seen in the video, NY1 Noticias has been and remains an example of TWC’s commitment to provide news, weather and sports to one of the fastest-growing communities in the tri-state area. This commitment has helped the station become part of the very fabric of daily life for millions of Hispanics and Latinos. “Local news was not being reported in Spanish in a serious way,” explains Jacobson. “We cover some of the same stories as the English-speaking station (NY1), but with a Hispanic perspective.”

The timeline below looks back at some of the landmark stories over the past ten years and the journalists who covered them. Click here for a larger view of the image, in PDF form.

As Jacobson reflects on ten years, the veteran broadcast journalist says the station’s commitment to cover local politics in Spanish has set them apart.  “We cover politics like no one else,” says Jacobson. “We hold politicians’ feet to the fire, but we also give them a voice for the Hispanic community.”

That very news philosophy was clearly evident last week when NY1 and NY1 Noticias organized, moderated and aired a debate between the seven Democratic candidates running for Mayor of New York. The debate focused solely on issues affecting the Hispanic and Latino community and aired in both English and with Spanish translation.

To mark its 10th anniversary, NY1 Noticias is broadcasting a series of “Look-Back” reports by revisiting some of the major local stories over the past ten years. The reports will also include updates and new information on how the events of the past have evolved to present day.

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