June 20, 2013

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Summer Freebie: Digital Passport Web Safety App

School’s out for the summer, which means kids have that much more downtime to spend on digital devices.  In partnership with Common Sense Media, we’re bringing parents free educational resources to help keep their kids safe online.

Want to keep your kids safe during their summer screen time? Take advantage of CSM’s award-winning Digital Passport mobile application.  With TWC’s support, Common Sense Media is offering this app as a FREE download through August.

Created for kids ages 8-12, the Digital Passport app features a series of challenges, or levels, that teach kids smart and responsible online behavior. The app offers best practices when it comes to searching safely, creating strong passwords, participating in online communities, and using mobile devices.  By completing a level, kids earn a stamp in their Digital Passport. Want to make sure your kids aren’t actually posting their summer vacation photos on Facebook while promising to learn about web safety? Parents can monitor their kids’ progress by accessing the “report card” feature in the app.

Get the app free on iTunes or Google Play.

Visit our new Internet Safety Summer page on TWC.com to learn more about Digital Passport, and browse other free resources for keeping kids safe online.

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