June 28, 2013

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We’re Launching TWC TV on XBox 360 Later This Summer

After years of negotiation and work, we are thrilled to announce today that we have an agreement with Microsoft that will allow us to launch our extremely popular TWC TV app on the Xbox 360.

From the press release:

Time Warner Cable video subscribers who are Xbox Live Gold members will be able to watch up to 300 live TV channels through their Xbox 360. Customers can easily download the TWC TV app on the Xbox 360 and begin watching instantly.

The TWC TV app will be available for download at no additional cost in the Xbox Live Marketplace later this summer. Channel line-ups vary by market and depend on the video subscription package to which a customer subscribes.

We have been working towards this release for some time, and we’re really excited about it. We’re going to build on this momentum with Microsoft and add features to our 360 app like VOD, and explore the Xbox One platform, which has a lot of potential. We want as many of our customers to be able to enjoy this app as possible, and we’re working hard as always to keep expanding.


  1. Justin's reply

    This is fantastic. I have been waiting for TWC TV on the XBOX system for quite some time. Live TV in itself is very cool but if HDDVR functions will be available on the XBOX system in the future it will take the cake!

  2. logan's reply

    Will there be twc on demand?

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