July 25, 2013

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Journal Broadcast Group Has Pulled Their Programming From Time Warner Cable

Unplug It

This is really unfortunate: Journal Broadcast Group has decided to pull their programming from Time Warner Cable’s lineup. We have been negotiating hard and in good faith with Journal in order to reach an agreement that avoids a large and ultimately unreasonable fee increase — without any additional programming value.

After all, all the programs that Journal offers are free over the air, and most of the individual shows they offer are also available free online.

The following stations are affected by this unfortunate disagreement:

In Wisconsin:
NBC’s WTMJ also D2 and D3, Storm Team 4 and Live Well, respectively – Milwaukee, WI
NBC’s WGBA – Appleton, WI
NBC’s WACY/MyN – Appleton, WI

In Palm Springs, CA:

MyNet’s KPSE – LP

In Omaha, Nebraska


We’ll continue to work towards an agreement, but in the meantime, customers can view alternate local options to receive local news and weather, and they can go online to view many of their favorite programs.


  1. Pete Lortscher's reply

    You now have lost a long time customer.

  2. Jean's reply

    I am very disappointed that Time Warner and Journal Communications couldn’t reach an agreement. I, for one, would have been more than willing to pay the minimal increase in fees we already pay for our cable package to continue to get TMJ4 on our cable here in Milwaukee. It’s a good thing we still have a tv using a standard antenna that can get that channel over the air without cable in our house. But it’s yet another reason why we are strongly considering the switch to AT&T’s U-Verse! Our service with Time Warner keeps going downhill, with constant problems with our service, continual rate increases… it’s a wonder we haven’t made the switch already. Nice negotiating there, Time Warner. And I see the CBS negotiations aren’t far behind… hmm… what’s the number for AT&T again?!?

  3. A. Galvan's reply

    Please do NOT cave to TMJ4. I honestly cannot afford to pay one more penny. I can’t afford Starbucks…so that “half cup of coffee” they are using as an analogy to what they get out of TWC…well, that’s a lot of money to me.
    Please do not let a free station get more money.
    They have let poor marketing put them in this position. I would guess it’s a Good Ol’ Boys club over there….and they thought they could ride the wave forever instead of making their station/new broadcast competitive and attractive to advertising.

  4. Beverly & James Weigel's reply

    WTMJ is my most-watched station. Right now we get no NBC channels. This should mean a lower rate because we are not getting what we were getting when we signed up with you. What rate will you lower to? I would gladly pay a little more each month to get the channels from the Journal Broadcast Group.

  5. George Organ's reply

    DO NOT give in to Journal Broadcast Group. WTMJ channel 4 doesn’t have enough good programming to make it worth while! I have both cable and antenna hookup in my home and, therefore, if I really wanted to see something on channel 4 I can still get it.

  6. Gerald Jensen's reply

    Let’s be clear about something. The assertion that the Journal had “… decided to pull their programming from Time Warner Cable’s lineup …” is a distortion of the truth. TWC decided to pull the JBG station when they couldn’t or wouldn’t come to an agreement.

    Without knowing the numbers I can’t judge if JBG is being greedy or not, but I might be sympathetic to TWC’s claims if they hadn’t just jacked my cable bill up by 15%.

    Claiming they should have a right to re-transmit the TV stations without paying anything because their programming is available over the air for free is a bogus argument. You can check out a book at the public library for free, but you can’t make copies and sell it without running afoul of the law. Same goes here.

  7. Jack's reply

    All TMJ-4 in Milwaukee has become is close to a a non-stop News and Weather station. If it wasn’t for the Packers, this station would be history. Most of their news is not even newsworthy anymore. In reality, TMJ-4 in Milwaukee should be paying TWC, not the other way around!

    I support TWC in their efforts to keep cable cost down, and that Journal Broadcasting is demanding too much money for their current sub-par programing. Journal Broadcasting needs to work out a deal that is fair and reasonable. At this time, Journal Broadcasting is not being reasonable, they are being greedy!


  8. Alan Mebes's reply

    In the Dallas area we have received statements that CBS and Show Time could be pulled or eliminated by Time Warner. This would be unacceptable to all subscribers and would void the contract. An agreement must be made with no increase in fees which are already too high. Please negotiate a settlement and avoid a class action lawsuit.

  9. Jack's reply

    This crap should be discussed and resolved in the boardrooms. STOP MAKING CUSTOMERS PAWNS IN YOUR DISPUTES! This isn’t just about TWC, Every third-party TV provider goes through this crap with the broadcasters every three to five years!

    I think the 1992 Cable Regulatory Retransmission Act needs updating. When you can’t agree, bring in a moderator where each side gets 50% of what they are seeking and you pass a law to stop said stations from going off the air because of a rate dispute!

    This is like little kids fighting over toys in a frigging sandbox! ENOUGH!


  10. Dorothy Lloyd's reply

    If I have to get an antenna to view channel 4 in Milwaukee (I live 20 miles outside and can’t receive anything without one) I might switch to AT&T. The problem I had with them when i tried them before was that they charged extra for local channels. I’m disgusted that two companies can’t work something out. Is there no mediation process here? It seems like this whole country has forgotten how to compromise. It’s truly a sad state of affairs. Please let me know if you see a solution coming soon (a week) or not, as I have to look at my options. I hate watching my favorite shows on my computer!

  11. Terry Stanford-Jacobson's reply

    Please do something about keeping CBS in Dallas. No other cable networks are having trouble. Please consider your elderly customers and hear their voices- example: Wheel of Fortune etc. etc. etc.!!! They have been watching it for years!!!!!
    Consider your customer and their wants and needs or your cable service will be out of business.
    Why is it only Time Warner????? Written for an 81 her old customer who pays for your SERVICE!
    Remember the old addage: The customer is always right- you are a service business!! Do something!

  12. Denise Herzog's reply

    NBC TMJ4 is not worth any increase on my monthly bill. They they have the worst primetime shows and their news has become only mediocre. We have not lost CBS yet, but I am not willing to pay extra on my cable to receive a station that is broadcast free. Nor will I go through the trouble of picking up an antenna. The major networks have gone lazy programming with their abundance of reality TV. The Networks do not care enough to put in extra effort to create a variety of programming for their consumers, so I am not willing to put out any extra effort to view them. As for the Packers, I can read the scores on line.

  13. Keith L's reply

    I am glad to hear that TWC is trying to keep the cost down. What I do not understand is why should TWC pay anything when I can get it for free. I hope they lower the cable bill now that there are fewer stations.

  14. Jim Runyan's reply

    According to JBGAnswers.com – they offered an extension so that further negotiations could continue and not stop rebreoadcast of KMIR on July 24, 2013 and that it was TWC that turned it down. This website (TWC) says that Journal pulled the plug! If TWC walked away when an extension was offered – then TWC has the burden of blame. Why don’t each of you tell us – the customer – exactly how much is being asked, rejected and/or countered – and what is a fair market value to both parties. Then we can make and intelligent, educated assesment and add our input to this dialogue that is othewise going nowhere!

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