July 30, 2013

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Now Launching TWC TV for Samsung Smart TVs


Fall TV season is just around the corner, and serious TV watchers are getting excited already.

Super serious TV viewers have already invested in a Samsung Smart TV, and they’re getting the box polished, warmed up and ready.

And as of today, July 30th 2013, Samsung Smart TV owners who are TWC Standard (expanded basic) level or higher video customers will be able to enjoy their very own version of our popular TWC TV app – already in the market on iOS, Android and TWCTV.com.

Here are a few of the key features:

1. On Demand programming
2. In home access to over 5,000 free and subscription On Demand choices from 94 providers.
3. Content is organized by category: featured, TV shows, movies, kids and networks.
4. Recently watched titles appear in a separate category for quick access.

This also makes Time Warner Cable On Demand available on a big screen anywhere in the home, and is especially perfect for TVs in rooms without a cable outlet or set-top box — adding a lot of value to customers’ existing subscriptions.

TWC TV is available on 2012 and 2013 Samsung Smart TVs. Customers can launch the app by clicking on the Smart Hub button on their remote control. Alternatively, users may download the app from the “Video” category in the Samsung App store. TWC plans to add live programming to the offering by the end of the year.


  1. Douglas Crook's reply

    Drop CBS before giving into this outrageous increase they are demanding!!!!!!

  2. Lisa Herron's reply

    I just purchased a 22″ Vizio smart tv. All my TV’s are Vizio…when will I be able to get the TWC app for my tv’s on the go?

  3. Lisa Herron's reply

    All of my TV’s are Vizio..I just purchased a 22″ smart Vizio …when will the TWC app become available for this product?

  4. pete's reply

    How come all the help files on the twc site explaining how to set this up are “bad request?” I called tech support, but the guy in India did not know what I was asking. I have a brand new samsung smart tv, and there’s no app for twc and I can find no way to add such an app. Please post instructions somewhere!!!

  5. Beverley Susan Melampy's reply

    Hello, I have a vizio tv, with apps. How do I get TWCTV on it? Will it be available at the app store from Vizio? It seems like I could connect from my computer. After all, the tv is connected to my computer. I’m confused why Samsung is the only smart tv that can connect to twctv. I’m showing my unsavvy ways with the computer. Hopefully, you won’t die laughing when you get this question. Maybe I’ll figure it out before you answer. Anyway, thanks for your help!

  6. Shervy's reply

    Hello, my internet at home is pretty slow so I was wondering if the on Demand Videos are finally streamed via IP or cable signal to my Samsung? Can anybody help me with that question?

  7. Thelma's reply

    What about vizio smart tvs?

  8. Brian's reply

    I am unable to do this:
    ”Just Released for PC/Mac
    • Stream 300 channels of live TV. Plus, watch over 1,100 hours of On Demand TV shows and movies from your computer.

    why not??

  9. Sclass's reply

    It works very well on the Samsung Smart TV. Cable boxes will be a thing of the past when live TV is added to this app.
    Make sure you have 1] best internet speeds 2] wired ethernet works better than wireless 3] understand instructions.
    Youtube/Vimeo are impressive. Flash video from “alternate” websites are hit or miss. But this would be a time to start 1 if u have ever considered it. On demand libraries, storage capabilities are robust on Samsung.

    But what do I know?

  10. H Garcia's reply

    The Android phone app will not work on rooted phones nor will it work is USB debugging is enabled. Why do you purposely mislead your customers by not disclosing this information? Why is this restriction even there to begin with?

  11. Glenn Chundrlek's reply

    Is the Web TV application available on anything OTHER than Silverlight?

    The Silverlight application is absolute RUBBISH. I can’t stream more than 5 minutes at a time.

  12. carlo marietta's reply

    love twc

  13. Joe Gillentine's reply

    I have a sony smart tv…anyway to get this twctv application?

  14. Chris B's reply

    I think it works very well with my Samsung/smart tv. When will the TWC app be available on Blu-ray players? also, will TWC app be available on other TV’s?

  15. James Collins's reply

    Purchasing Time Warner services will depend upon this answer. If and When will Time Warner make the TWC TV app for LG Google/Android TV, Netgear NeoPrime Google TV media box, and Windows Phone 8? Will any of these be made and ATT Uverse and Google fiber has these already.

  16. Steve Quach's reply

    Will the TWC TV app be available for my Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player? My player has Smart Hub as well as the Samsung App store!

  17. Scott's reply

    When will the app be available on my new Samsung smart tv???

  18. Danny's reply

    When will the TWC TV App be available for 2014 Samsung Smart TV?

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