July 10, 2013

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TWC Deportes Sports Network Scores Big With Hispanic & Latino Community


Hispanics and Latinos make up the fastest-growing population in the United States. In October 2012, Time Warner Cable embarked on an effort to better serve this thriving community by launching Time Warner Cable Deportes. It’s the first and only Spanish-language, regional sports network in the country. From the Los Angeles Lakers to local high school sports, TWC Deportes has found a culture and a community to invest in.

Meet the people who are making this network a success:

TWC Deportes Vice President, Pablo Urquiza continues to win over fans. Urquiza was recently featured in this article in Hispanic Executive.

Time Warner Cable has a history of providing news, sports and entertainment to the Hispanic and Latino community. That history was recently recognized when TWC’s owned and operated Spanish-language news station, NY1 Noticias, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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