July 09, 2013

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TWC Offers Lifeline Phone Discount To Eligible New Yorkers

When struggling to make ends meet, every bit helps; including access to affordable phone service. Time Warner Cable understands this and today the company launched its “Lifeline” program for home phone customers throughout New York State.

Lifeline is part of the FCC’s government-assistance program, offering eligible customers per household a monthly credit or discount on their residential home phone bill.

Eligible individuals must be a TWC home phone customer and must meet income eligibility requirements or participate in a government-assistance program, such as Medicaid or Food Stamps. The Lifeline credit applies for one year. After one year, customers will need to re-verify their information for continued eligibility.

“Lifeline allows consumers the opportunity to get a monthly discount, so that they can access and experience Time Warner Cable’s home phone services and features,” said Jeff Lindsay, Time Warner Cable’s Group Vice President and General Manager for Phone. “A home phone is still a vital communications tool. By offering the Lifeline credit, our service is even more affordable for current and new customers who want to stay connected with loved ones.”

Eligible customers can apply for the Lifeline program here or at a Time Warner Cable store, where applications are available in English and Spanish.

While TWC’s launch of the program is currently offered in New York State, the company plans to roll out Lifeline across all of its markets at a later date.


  1. John Taylor's reply

    Hello, Are there any Life-Line or other discounts for cable and internet packages also, or just for the phone service?

  2. BERTHA DACRES's reply


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