July 11, 2013

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We Are Deploying Food Trucks Across New York City This Weekend


We’re celebrating our expanded WiFi network in New York City and partnership as the “Official WiFi Provider” of MLB All-Star week by deploying a convoy of food trucks across the city from Friday, July 12 to Tuesday, July 16. MLB All-Stars will be appearing with selected food trucks to hand out complimentary baseball paraphernalia and regional cuisine as the trucks appear around New York City.

The truck menus and locations change daily, reflecting classic food in Major League Baseball towns. For a full list of locations and menu options, click here (PDF link): TWC All-Star WiFi Food Truck Schedule and Locations

All of the food trucks will also function as a mobile WiFi hotspot, providing the *perfect* opportunity for you to tweet about how awesome you think Time Warner Cable and our products and services are.


Regardless: the trucks charge a suggested $5 donation, and donations are for the Robin Hood Relief Fund, a fund that specifically offers relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. The storm’s effects have fallen out of the news cycle, but a lot of New Yorkers still need a lot of help, and what better way to help them than by eating a couple of hot dogs?

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    who offers a list in pdf anymore? join 21st century and provide google maps mashup.

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