August 16, 2013

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Emmys Spotlight Innovation by TWC Employees


The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced its 2013 Emmy Awards for Technology and Engineering, and we’re very pleased that Time Warner Cable was the recipient of two awards.

Specifically, the Academy honored our employees’ pioneering work in enhancing the time-shifting ability and storage of DVRs and for creating technology that allows the dynamic insertion of ads into Video On Demand content. You can read the Academy’s official press release, or check out our press release.

To paraphrase our Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt, our employees take great pride in the technological innovations we have pioneered and we’re committed to giving customers increased flexibility and control in how they consume their favorite content.


Network DVR is a perfect example of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit Britt is referring to. Our engineers’ work on this technology is perhaps one of the most promising developed by our company. Pioneered by TWC’s Mystro TV initiative, which was formed in 2001 to develop Network DVR, it allows for the recording and storing of multiple channels in “the network” rather than by deploying mass-storage devices in consumers’ homes. The biggest impact of the work done on NDVR isn’t the actual technology itself, however.

“Through the innovation of our team, we created the ability to capture live programming and time shift it,” says Louis Williamson, Time Warner Cable Senior Fellow and member of Mystro TV. “This ground-breaking effort resulted in the creation of other technologies, such as Start Over and Look Back.”


According to Williamson, it also fostered side projects, such as the development of Switch Digital Video, which is a technology that only sends digital TV signals to a neighborhood if a digital box in that neighborhood tunes to it, instead of always sending all digital channels there. This has had had a revolutionary impact on the industry by freeing up bandwidth and allowing cable companies to add more channels, On Demand content and increase internet speeds. In addition, Real-Time Acquisition, the ability to capture a live program, pause and restart it from the beginning, came out of this project.

“Our engineers may have started with Network DVR, but it is the entrepreneurial culture within our team that led to other important developments and, overall, made the TV viewing experience better for everyone,” states Williamson.

Another such invention of Time Warner Cable’s engineers is Video On Demand (VOD) Dynamic Advertising Insertion. This first-of-its-kind technology allows advertising to be inserted in all forms of On Demand content, thus, providing a previously untapped revenue stream for cable companies and programmers from VOD.

“This breakthrough helped encourage content owners to increase the amount of On Demand programming, and enhanced our customer’s cable experience by advancing the concept of watching TV anytime,” says Grace Egan, VP, Technology Solutions and Project Management.

These are not Time Warner Cable’s first technology-related Emmy Awards. In the mid-1990’s, Time Warner Cable was actually the first cable company to be bestowed with an Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering. In all, we’ve won eight such Emmys.

Nor are these the only Emmys we’ve won this year. Earlier this month, Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable Deportes in Los Angeles won a combined six regional Area Emmy Awards. The networks were recognized for their Creative Technical Arts-Art Director, Creative Technical Crafts-Lighting Director, Graphics, Live Special Events Programming, Sports Feature and Sports Special. Check out the official press release.

You can read more about TWC’s rich history of innovation and its other Emmy Awards online.

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    Are you having any progress at all in negotiations with CBS??!!! This week ALL of the Dodger games are on Channel 9 so your L.A. customers will miss seeing the entire series. Quite frankly, that sucks. We should not have to suffer this prolonged argument between 2 multi-billion dollar corporations. What kind of average increase to each individual TWC customer are we talking about? I guarantee you that 90% of them would be willing to pay it. If you don’t resolve this VERY soon, it will cost you much more in lost customers because of the blackout than you will lose because of a price increase! Are you getting close to a resolution of this stupid spat?

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