August 27, 2013

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Now Launching the TWC TV™ App for Xbox 360®


Our TWC TV™ app is continuing its relentless march across all available platforms. Today we’re planting our flag in another hill: we’re officially launching TWC TV on the Xbox 360®.

Devoted Xbox users can now download the app in the Xbox Live Marketplace and enjoy up to 300 channels of live programming without needing an additional set top box in the home.

The Xbox 360 community is incredibly passionate, and we know this is something they’ve been looking forward to – and this is all part of fulfilling our commitment to expand across a wide variety of devices and platforms.

For more details, check out this post on XBox Wire.


  1. Richard's reply

    Why is there no On- Demand on there? Also the design of it was poorly thought-out there is no guide layout like every other TWC TV app uses.

  2. Jonathan's reply

    Please launch this app for PS3 and PS4 too!!

  3. Sam's reply

    Oh really? I tried to upgrade from Internet Only to basic+classic cable just now in Louisville. They immediately tried to sell me a box and charge me $10 for an unnecessary cable hookup.

  4. kathy blackmore's reply

    Is there a charge for using this app for the xbox if you are a Time Warner customer?

  5. David Ellis's reply

    Good call on this one because it makes more sense to expand those to more TV’s and not only the Xbox 360.

  6. Anthony's reply

    i am currently on a trip out of state in an area where there is no twc available but i have my xbox with me and downloaded this app but it always says server is not available when i try to log in to it. is this because i am in an area without twc available or is there just a problem with the servers?

  7. James Howell's reply

    Your news letter mentions TWC TV being available for PC’s. I just got a new Dell Win 8 computer and would love to have this app so I can see tv on my computer screen. I am 72 and incapacitated and limited to a recliner. i can only have one Display that must do for internet an TV. My old computer used Win Media center to do this thru a set top box cable connection, but WMC requires a infrared port for channel control and my new computer doesn’t have one.

    Your internet TWC TV app for PCs could be a God Send for me. How do I get it? I couldn’t fine links to it anywhere. Why keep it so secret?

    Thanks for you help … another loyal customer .. keep me that way

  8. Neil's reply

    Why won’t this app work for non TWC Internet subscribers? That seems like something that ought to either A) not be an issue or B) be mentioned front and center as a requirement, not buried on the Xbox website. Thoughts?

  9. Jeff Peterson's reply

    I started using the app on my x-box 360. I have the digital variety package and only get 26 live channels with the app. My ESPN app also doesnt work as far as receiving live channels. TWC says their servers are not right. IS this true?

  10. Tra Peterson's reply

    My TWC app will not launch through my Xbox 360

  11. Elizabeth's reply

    TWC APP not authenticating on XBOX360, now going on 2 weeks. I have spoken to representatives on the phone for almost 90 minutes total and have tried everything TWC website and reps suggest to resolve this issue. I have even called XBOX 360 to amend the problem, and have tried all their websites suggestions. I just need to disassociate my gamertag/profile from TWC APP and then start all over in the authorization process.

    ( yes I have deleted and redownloaded the app from the hard drive;I even reformatted my XBOX)

  12. leo daley's reply

    when the app for XBOXONE going to be out?

  13. Colyn T. Spencer's reply

    I have an account with Time Warner Cable & I have an X-Box 360. I downloaded the TWC App onto my X-Box 360, but then I took my X-Box to my girlfriend’s house. She has an internet connection, but when I tried to log in with my TWC TV username & password, it wouldn’t work. Am I not able to use my TWC App on my X-Box outside my home, away from home at my girlfriend’s house? She doesn’t have cable at all, but she does have an internet connection (not with TWC). Should that matter?

  14. Jamie Cummins's reply

    do you have to be a twc cable tv subscriber to utilize this app?

  15. Chris Monfette's reply

    Yes, Jamie. You simply have to authenticate your TWC subscription and you can watch via the app on any Internet-connected Xbox 360.

  16. Peter Esponoza's reply

    I love TWC App..I was wondering if their are plans to bring this great app to Apple TV? It would be an awesome upgrade!

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