September 05, 2013

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AMC Content is Now Available On Demand Outside the Home On the TWC TV App


AMC’s programming is a cable juggernaut, and a major force in contemporary culture. They’ve finally gotten snobs who sniff “oh, we never watch TV” to tune in and shut up on that one.

I’m crazy for “Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead” myself. “The Walking Dead” is so compelling that I watch it every week, even if I’m caught up on the comics and sort of know what’s going to happen next.

TWC customers and AMC fans have got a nice little bundle coming to them: we have just added AMC to the “out-of-home” On Demand experience on our TWC TV app. This means you can now watch all your favorite shows on your smartphone, tablet, or PC anywhere in the country with Internet service.

You can read more about our expanding out-of-home content library here.

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  1. Roller's reply

    Why can’t we have uninterrupted service? Our cable TV, phone and Internet for which Time Warner is charging over $200 per month is constantly dying. We have outage in this area several times a day, and for several hours each time for the past 10 days. There has never been a day without several long interruption of service? What is the problem? Why can’t you fix it? Why can’t you provide the service for which you are billing us and getting paid for? Why is there no explanation? You have turned our lives into hell, without Internet, phone and TV. We are experiencing third world conditions right here in Manhattan and paying top dollar for it.

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