September 02, 2013

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We Have A Deal With CBS


We can’t even tell you how happy it makes us to write this:

Our long, frustrating blackout with the CBS Corporation is now over. We have reached an agreement that returns CBS and CBS-owned programming to your channel lineup. We’re restoring the programming as fast as we can – everyone will have it back within the next 24 hours.

As in all of our negotiations, our main goal was to hold down costs and retain our ability to deliver a great video experience for our customers. We’re pleased that we successfully achieved both.

We know these disputes are frustrating, and we’re sorry they have to happen. But we hope the short-term pain is worth the long-term gain of keeping your costs down and providing the best possible viewing experience.

It’s also really encouraging that over 50 consumer organizations and legislators have joined us in calling for Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to reassess the 21-year-old rules that allow this sort of broadcaster brinksmanship to happen in the first place. We hope that Congress and the FCC will pay attention to this growing call to action and reform these outdated laws.

Nobody likes it when fights like these happen – not the networks, not our customers, and certainly not our hardworking employees who absorb a lot of understandable frustration until these get resolved.

But most of all, we’d like to thank our customers for their patience, loyalty and understanding. Without customers, we wouldn’t have a business – and that’s why we fight to keep costs as low as possible.


  1. Mary Ann Kackley's reply

    Thanks so much for this GREAT piece of news! Not a big sports fan, but had already decided to stay with TWC even if the ‘settlement’ had gone another way and we lost the disputed channels permanently. Now ON WITH THE SHOW!

  2. Mike H's reply

    Now that the big markets made the noise and forced a deal before football started, what about the NBC blackout in Green Bay that has been going on longer than the CBS blackout in the big cities? We got the feeling that, once the CBS issue came up, our issue would go right to the back burner and it seems like we were right.

  3. Peter M. Parrella's reply

    Now that the month long black out is over I am hoping to see a rebate on my cable bill for the programming I was deprived of.

  4. The Wizard's reply

    “We have reached an agreement that returns CBS and CBS-owned programming to your channel lineup.”

    Translation: Football started, and we lost what little leverage we had.

  5. Jack's reply


    As most of you know, TWC and CBS have reached a retransmission carriage agreement restoring CBS to affected markets, and Showtime, as well as sister stations owned by CBS to all markets. The battle is over, but unless the 1992 law is changed to better protect customers, wars will continue over fees. There is no agreement between TWC and Journal Broadcasting Company over a similar dispute as of this writing.

    What needs to happen is a mandate that prohibits any station blackouts while both parties negotiate new agreements. Customers need to be protected by insuring that they have the programing for which they pay. Companies need to establish fair and reasonable fees based on the best interests of the customer and what he/she can afford in trying economic times. The current law also fails to address the tremendous opportunities for on-line and mobile technologies. STOP MAKING CUSTOMERS PAWNS IN FEE DISPUTES BY WITHHOLDING PROGRAMING FROM THEM AND BLAMING THE OTHER SIDE FOR THESE OCCURRENCES! All TV venders and their host companies have to find a way to keep channels on during the negotiation process, so that the blackouts like the one between CBS and TWC, and the still on-going spat with TWC and Journal Broadcasting Company, never happen again!


  6. Don Eberhard's reply

    Now that TWC has reached an agreement with CBS and Showtime, what about NBC in Wisconsin ? Your Wisconsin customers want NBC back on before the Thursday night NFL kickoff on NBC. NBC has been blacked out longer then CBS and it is a free over the air channel. I want to know when that contract will be renewed and an agreement reached.
    PO’d in Wisconsin

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