October 28, 2013

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Get The Download On TWC’s Internet Speed Upgrade

featuredimage_internetbannerWe are announcing some cool Internet speed upgrades today.

First, after a successful launch in Kansas City, we are beginning to roll out 100 Mbps download speeds – our fastest yet – to residential and business customers in other markets.

As we write this, residential customers in Los Angeles who subscribe to our Ultimate 50 tier are being automatically upgraded to Ultimate 100 at no extra cost. Ultimate 50 residential customers in New York City and Hawaii will be upgraded by year’s end. By early 2014, all customers in these markets will have access to Ultimate 100, with more TWC markets to follow next year.

Time Warner Cable Business Services is also offering the 100 Mbps speed tier to commercial customers in Los Angeles and New York City.

Secondly, we’re replacing our entry-level Lite Internet tier with a 2 Mbps offering – double the download speed of the current tier. This will be available in all our markets beginning Nov. 4. Priced at $14.99 a month, this is a great option for cost-conscious, casual Internet users.

Here’s the full text from our press release:

Time Warner Cable is bringing its fastest residential Internet speed to customers in Los Angeles with the rollout of its Ultimate 100 Internet tier (100 Megabits per second). A free speed upgrade to Ultimate 100 is underway for current Ultimate 50 customers in this market and will begin in New York City and Hawaii by year-end. The new tier will be available to all customers in the three markets in early 2014 and will launch in additional markets next year.

“Consumers are adding more and more connected devices into their digital lifestyle. These new ultra-fast Internet speeds are designed to satisfy their growing demand to stream, download and connect simultaneously across multiple devices,” said Steve Cook, SVP and GM of Time Warner Cable residential Internet. “As a thank you to our Ultimate Internet customers, we’re pleased to double their speed from 50 Meg to 100 Meg at no extra charge so that they can get everything they want online, even faster.”

The new Ultimate 100 tier provides double the download speed at no added cost plus the following features:

• 30 email accounts
• 10 GB email storage space
• Free Home WiFi
• Free access to 23,000+ TWC WiFi™ Hotspots including 200,000+ Cable WiFi Hotspots
• Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software

New Lite Internet – faster, lower-cost

Time Warner Cable also announced that it is replacing its Lite Internet tier with a 2 Mbps offering. Priced at $14.99 per month, the new offering comes with an everyday low price, double the speed of the company’s current Lite tier and will be available beginning November 4.

“We’re making our entry-level product even better and more affordable for the casual Internet user and cost-conscious consumer,” said Cook. “At both ends of our speed options and everything in between, we’re focused on giving our customers the best experience at the best value.”

With the continued rollout of Ultimate 100, which first debuted in Kansas City in December 2012, residential customers will be able to choose between a variety of Internet plans for the speed and features that best meet their needs. The company’s Time Warner Cable Business Services division also offers the new speed tiers in Los Angeles and New York City.


  1. Jason Schwartz's reply

    What about all the tiers in the middle? I’m currently on a 15/1 plan and curious as to whether the speeds increase or the price drops. Comparing to other New York providers, Optimum and FiOS offer a 15/5. Or is this change to reward the highest tiers while also receiving good PR for offering a basic, lower cost option?

  2. Phillip Dampier's reply

    It looks like Time Warner has done something for everyone but their Extreme 30/5Mbps customers who have not seen a speed change in more than two years. Super premium 50/5 goes to 100/5Mbps, Lite goes from 1Mbps to 2Mbps, Standard saw a boost from 10/1 to 15/1Mbps service and Turbo got a faster upstream speed. But those of us with 30/5Mbps get… nothing.

    Your 30Mbps customers should be boosted to at least 50/5Mbps.

  3. eric's reply

    No mention of any change to upload? People want more than 5Mbps!!

  4. josh's reply

    upload increase??
    5Mb only stops me from switch to TWC. How about 100/100Mbps service?

  5. Bill Sanders's reply

    When will the LA upgrades take place? How will we know that it has occurred? Do I interpret this correctly to mean that the LA 50->100 automatic free upgrade will happen between now (Oct 29) and the end of 2013?

  6. Michael McGrory's reply

    So what you are saying is that customers in any other market other then NY and LA (And KC) shouldn’t bother thinking their access speed might go up to 100Mbps (the industry standard) until 2015 at the earliest? That’s insane.

  7. Steven's reply

    This is awesome news, since I have Ultimate 50. I am in NEO though hope that is one of the markets getting the upgrade sooner rather than later. Also I would like a bump in upload to go with this, 5 Mbps just doesn’t cut it. Symmetrical would be epic good!

    Will this also be a free upgrade to those of us outside of the noted markets?

  8. Jonathan's reply

    When will NYC happen? Says by year-end but then also early 2014?

  9. BRX's reply

    What about the 30/5 tier? If we aren’t getting a speed bump then our cost should come down.

  10. boe's reply

    I have 50 right now in Los Angeles. I really envy my neighbor on FIOS. When will I get the 100 in LA and will it increase my upload speed?

  11. b's reply

    No upload speed upgrades since not every single area has 4-channels upstream.

    my area only has 8 downstream and 1 upstream

  12. Sean Bryant's reply

    I love this, I have time warner and haven’t had any issues, I just wish we had faster upload speeds, I miss Verizon FIOS.

  13. Wesley Eckenrode's reply

    Please increase the upload speeds… 5 Mbps is horrible. It’s a shame this apartment complex doesn’t just switch to FiOS.

  14. Yeah Right's reply

    Time Warner isn’t exactly being forthright. This “free” upgrade is only for customers paying full retail for the Ultimate 50 service according to a customer service representative I just spoke to. For me, it would add $30 to my monthly bill.

    It rolls out in Los Angeles next Monday (11).

  15. Jon's reply

    As an Ultimate 50 user it’s great that they are doubling the speed. I hope that they also increase the upload speed as well, 5 mpbs is too slow 10 or 15 mpbs should be the minimum @ 50+ mbps download speeds! Also, I hope they improve the stability of the net… as there have been connectivity issues as of late :-/

  16. David combs's reply

    I can’t wait for it to hit ohio? Any news?

  17. Ivan Velez's reply

    I appreciate that time warner is doubling the download speeds but something really has to be done to the upload speeds.. 5mbps on the ultimate tier doesn’t really cut it for me. I upload youtube videos daily and during my uploads, my network becomes crippled and becomes very slow for basic web browsing on other devices. Comcast offers higher upload speeds. Why can’t TWC offer the same?

  18. Greg G's reply

    How about Dallas??

  19. John A Graves Jr's reply

    When will the area code of 27409 get the 100mb speed and is there a website that shows your area upgrade schedule?

  20. Mark Olson's reply

    When will Milwaukee (zip = 53092) be upgraded to 100 mbps?

  21. Todd Scheithauer's reply

    Wondering when the 100mb will be available in my area , zip code 14892, Waverly (Barton), Ny – cant wait for the upgrade thank you

  22. Chris Becker sr's reply

    For the upgrade on the download internet speed is good. But why can`t you increase the upload speed from 5 to 50….

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