October 07, 2013

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Scripps Network Channels Now Available Out of Home On TWC TV App

Untangled - Scripps Interactive

Our out-of-home offerings on the TWC TV app just keep expanding: as of today, Time Warner Cable customers with the TWC TV app on iOS and Android platforms and TWCTV.com are able to access live programming from Scripps Network Interactive’s channels outside their home.

Now you can watch the Travel Channel while traveling, HGTV in somebody else’s house, the DIY network in your uncle’s backyard and the Food Network and the Cooking Channel in a kitchen very far away from your own.

Other TWC TV content already available outside the home includes over 1,100 hours of Video On Demand TV shows, movies from 26 top-rated networks and up to 11 live TV news, sports and entertainment channels. You can read more about our growing out-of-home content library here.

TWC TV is available at no additional cost. Channel line-ups vary by market and depend on the video subscription package to which a customer subscribes. A Time Warner Cable authorized modem is still required for in-home access to the complete TWC TV line-up. In-home viewing of the app is available on Apple iOS, Android devices running release 4.0 or higher, PCs and Macs via www.TWCTV.com, Roku Streaming Players via the TWC TV channel and Xbox 360.

For more information, please visit www.twc.com.


  1. Jason Schwartz's reply

    But what about NBC Sports and Live Extra? NBC Universal has signed up just about every other cable provider for web and app access to their content yet we hear nothing about TWC signing the deal to bring NHL Hockey and Barclays Premier League to our phones and laptops. You are not delivering this “added value” service which is FREE.

    From NBCSports.com:

    *What is NBC Sports Live Extra?

    NBC Sports Live Extra is a service offered through participating cable, satellite and telco TV providers that allows you access to watch NBC Sports coverage of live events from NBC and NBCSports Network across NBCSports.com/LiveExtra and through NBCSports Live Extra Applications available for IOS and select Android devices.

    *What is the cost of this service?

    This is a free service. For NBC Sports Network programming it’s an added value to your regular cable, satellite and telco TV subscription through participating television providers

    *Why isn’t my TV provider listed?

    We are actively working to add additional TV providers to this service. Don’t see your provider? Contact your provider to express your interest in receiving this service. Check back regularly to see if your provider has been included.

  2. Russ's reply

    Awesome! Keep the channels coming!!! Dish network’s app has a ton

  3. Russ's reply

    Awesome! Keep the channels coming!!! Dish Network’s app has tons of channels

  4. samanthabrown's reply

    Trying very hard to downoad this app…help..

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