November 20, 2013

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Get a Sneak Peek at New Time Warner Cable News, NY1



Time Warner Cable is updating and unifying the look, feel and brand for its news networks in markets across the United States.

Here’s what that means: if you are Time Warner Cable customer, the onscreen graphics for the local news networks we own are about to change, and your news channel will change its name to Time Warner Cable News. The image above shows you what it looks like on the screen. Below is the new logo.

TWCNA notable exception to this will be in New York City, where the news channel will formally be called Time Warner Cable News NY1, and largely continue to be referred to on the air as “NY1”. Here’s an example:


Time Warner Cable is one of the country’s largest local news producers, operating 16 news networks across our markets nationwide. Our 24/7 news networks consistently rank among the highest viewed channels among our subscribers in many of these markets. Yet a recent customer survey showed that only 40 percent of our customers could identify Time Warner Cable as those news networks’ parent company.

We’d like to change that.

So, we’re giving our news networks a more consistent look and feel, which should allow customers to more easily identify our brand when they’re traveling into other markets and seeing our product.

We’ll begin to introduce the new brand to our customers over the next month, and the goal is to complete the updates in all markets before the end of the year. You’ll hear about it on TV, via social media and other customer touchpoints. To see more examples of how it will look, check out this video:



  1. Leslie's reply

    When I lived in Charlotte I could watch news14. And I did know it was Time Warner Cable. I wish there was something comparable in the Myrtle Beach market.

  2. Bailey Williams's reply

    To whom it may concern:
    New York 1 is one of the few things about your brand people view positively in the New York market (and I’m a customer). Instead of devoting resources to needlessly re-branding your news channel, you could devote those same resources to improving the quality of your product and services.



  3. Dave Scott's reply

    Will it (News 14 in Raleigh/Durham) finally be in (real) HD?

  4. Faye from Brooklyn's reply

    Leave NY1alone. Anyone who is not aware (of who its corporate parent is) after more than 20 years, is either not paying attention or will never care. It’s not necessary to ram it down everyone’s throat constantly.

  5. Chris's reply

    I like the graphics and the “Time Warner Cable News” logo. It’s definitely a better choice than the “YNN” name/branding used in many places. However, for the NY market, the logo looks very awkward with both the “Time Warner Cable News” and “NY1” branding. I suggest pairing the “eye” logo with the “NY1” box, and dropping the “Time Warner Cable News.”

  6. Karl Spensen's reply

    I could not agree more with Bailey William’s comment.

  7. jason's reply

    like others in nyc have said…keep the NY1 name and leave it alone..i guess its too late. i hate it.

  8. Jenny Francis's reply

    Personally, I prefer News 14. It has been that way since its inception, and I agree with Faye, that if there is anyone who does not know who the parent company is by now, they will never know. As you yourselves say, people look for something familiar. Then why change it? It obviously doesn’t matter to you what the opinions of your customers are, TWC, but I’m leaving you my two cents worth anyway.

  9. Beverly Lamkin's reply

    Did Amy – anchorperson – have her baby?

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