November 01, 2013

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I Love Brains! TWC and 826LA Engage Kids with Zombie-Inspired Science & Storytelling

Fright night is over but we’re still getting spooked.  On the heels of Halloween, we’re releasing a new video that highlights the haunted side of our Connect a Million Minds partnership with 826 National.  This summer, we worked with the non-profit writing network to connect kids in New York City, Los Angeles and Kansas City to hands-on science learning and creative writing through a series of innovative workshops.


In New York City, our workshops showcased “The Science of Superheroes.”  Over on the West Coast, our STEM and creative writing endeavors had more of a Hollywood bent.  At 826’s Los Angeles locations in Echo Park and Mar Vista, kids participated in our “Rewriting the Zombie Apocalypse” lesson, which combined hands-on science activities — from studying the bioengineering of zombies to performing mathematical modeling of zombie outbreaks — with creative storytelling exercises —  like scripting a scenario in which humans could fight against the living dead.

Check out our exclusive video of “Rewriting the Zombie Apocalypse,” featuring commentary from 826 executives and Time Warner Cable Directory of Community Affairs Kim Latour.

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