November 06, 2013

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TWC Business Class Weathers Sandy Well


Our Business Services network was in fairly good shape after Hurricane Sandy, though not completely unscathed. Time Warner Business Class employees turned their attentions to getting customers and their network back up and running as quickly as possible as soon as the storms subsided.

Time Warner Cable Business Class serves a number of government agencies in New York, and had to restore services immediately to help the government help its people, too.

Jere Murphy is a major account executive in marketing and sales for Time Warner Cable Business class. His home was flooded in the storm, and he was responsible for the safety of two small children and a wife eight and a half months pregnant with their third. But Jere kept working to make sure his clients had service, too.

Two of Jere’s clients are the NYPD and the FDNY. Both of those organizations were naturally pretty busy after Sandy.

“We worked with fire stations and the EMS in Manhattan to get in and restore services immediately. My clients’ modems floated away at least half a dozen times during the flooding, and we were able to get in and replace them with new, dry, working modems as quickly as possible.”

We got a call in the middle of the night that the video service wasn’t working at the NYPD. Naturally we couldn’t send techs the night of the storm, but we were out there the next day to restore services as soon as we could get there. In situations where a power outage was causing a video outage, we set up backup generators to run off battery power. We had a battery-powered generator running for three days at the NYPD’s offices downtown until power came back.

According to Bill Lissemore, RVP of technical operations for Time Warner Cable Business Services:

“…we worked with FEMA and established communications out there in record time, using folks doing strange things like strapping generators to telephone poles to make things run. And all sorts of Rube Goldberg arrangements such that we could get them in service.

They were very appreciative of it, and we know that a lot of folks that were impacted, as a result of that, were able to file claims with the federal government and get assistance out there in terms of emergency supplies and things, much quicker than if if we weren’t there – both in terms of the emergency needs and in terms of supporting the overall economy in terms of getting people back to work in Manhattan.

Maureen Link, GVP of marketing and sales for Time Warner Cable Business Services:

We worked very hard to be proactive in communicating with customers, and definitely did a lot of site updates to the business class site, providing information around affected areas and ETAs on repairs.

Everybody was very committed to making sure that we provided outage updates and repair times.

The hard work and diligence paid off, as we were able to help businesses back to work in an unprecedented amount of time, earning accolades from or customers. According to Steven Spinola, President of the Real Estate Board of New York,

The Real Estate Board of New York, which represents many of the city’s largest property owners, commends Time Warner Cable Business Class for working so diligently to help Lower Manhattan businesses get back to work. Like our members who have been working virtually around the clock trying to get their properties fully operational again, Time Warner Cable Business Class recognizes how important it is for our city’s economy that we do our best to restore vital services in these major commercial buildings.

We gained more than a hundred new Business Class customers in Manhattan after the storm, claiming businesses that couldn’t wait for Verizon to repair its storm-damaged networks. Other businesses went ahead and added TWC phone services to their cable and broadband lineup, unable to sustain lost business from extended phone outages.

Through a combination of hard work, luck, and a superior network infrastructure in downtown Manhattan, TWC Business Class was able to recover nimbly from Sandy and help the people that needed our services and knowledge the most.

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