December 19, 2013



A Change is Gonna Come: TWC Programming Guide Gets a Facelift

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You may have eyed some noticeable changes to the look and feel of your television lately. Never fear! We understand that every time we update the TWC channel guide it feels like somebody re-painted your house while you were at work – it all looks vaguely different, but still kinda the same, and yet somehow infinitely better. Over the course of the next year, Time Warner Cable will be rolling out a new and improved guide with cloud-based navigation services. These updates will provide our customers with simplified navigation, more program information, a new VOD portal and improved search capability.

The new guide will land in more than two million homes by year-end and upwards of five million homes by the end of 2014. Visually, the new layout will be better-suited to the contours of your television, offering a more streamlined look and feel. Easier navigation and increased searchability, as well as all-new programming graphics within the On Demand menus, will make finding your favorite content simpler and more dynamic.

Program Guide_04

Overall, the new features include:

  • Widescreen Guide – A new 16:9 aspect ratio for a true HDTV experience
  • Advanced Search – Optimized search results and rich cover art for Movies, TV series and Sports Teams with option to watch now or set up a recording to watch later and more
  • On Demand Portal – All VOD channels and content can now be found in one destination with an enhanced browsing system with rich graphics
  • DVR Manager – Updated with rich graphics and simplified navigation of recordings and recording schedule, a new series page, multiple episode delete option and more

So if you come home at some point in the New Year, kick off your shoes, turn on the TV and scream out, “Why does everything look so much better!?” then you’re welcome. That was us…


  1. Jack's reply

    Greetings Chris,

    Is this planned for all boxes? Because, as of now, the guide is only available in selected divisions on the newest model boxes: The Ciscos, Samsungs, and Motrolla units. The SA boxes, I was told, can’t get the new guide, and some divisions, Wisconsin being one of them, will only give out the newest boxes to Whole House DVR/Signature Home subscribers. Thanks for the information about this.


  2. Jason Schwartz's reply

    Any chance of signing up beta testers?

  3. Cole Owen's reply

    We have a recently purchased Sony Digital (42 inch) LCD and while I can get the program guide on screen, it provides only the channel numbers but no actual program content per channel. We use the set without a set-top box, is that the problem? If so, can I pick up a set top box at your offices?

    thank you,


  4. Andrew Russell's reply

    Hi Cole, thanks for writing. That’s correct – you would need a cable box to see detailed information from the guide. There would be a monthly charge for the box but you can pick one up at your local office. You can find your local TWC office via our contact page –

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