December 27, 2013



Time Warner Cable: A Year in Review


As any year counts down its final hours, it’s easy to look ahead to the following 365 days with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Here at TWC we’re thrilled at the prospects that 2014 holds for the industry and our customers, but we’re also incredibly proud of all that we accomplished over the last 12 months. Looking back is crucial to knowing where you’re headed, so we thought we’d take a quick flip through the yearbook for all the tools, toys and services that we were able to provide in 2013.

In the world of wireless Internet, Time Warner Cable added an additional 17,000 WiFi hotspots, growing our coverage by 160% and bringing our total to more than 27,500 across the country. We revamped and enhanced our WiFi Finder App to help customers locate the WiFi access nearest to them, as well as request a hotspot in their most frequented areas. We also added an additional 140,000 hotspots through the Cable WiFi initiative, a partnership between Internet providers that allows TWC subscribers free, shared access at nearly a quarter-million hotspots coast-to-coast.

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At home, we provided the Everyday Low Price Internet option for customers with the most basic online needs, offering low-cost, 2 Mbps x 1 Mbps speeds for the casual net browser. For the more hardcore, however, we began rolling out our Ultimate 100 service across select markets, providing 100 Mbps upload speeds to residential and business customers alike. This service will continue to expand throughout 2014. Whether it’s commerce, gaming or basic, everyday web-surfing, TWC continues to cover your wide variety of Internet needs with even more offerings and innovations yet to come.


But we didn’t simply stop with your online life, securing a safe, solid Internet experience. No, we protected your offline life, as well, significantly expanding our IntelligentHome service across the TWC footprint. From securing your house against intruders, to remotely tweaking the thermostat, to keeping an eye on the kids home alone, IntelligentHome gave consumers unprecedented control over their abodes. In addition to rolling out the service across all our major markets, we premiered mobile apps, lowered pricing on our most popular devices and improved the overall camera and video quality.

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Now that TWC has allowed consumers to communicate with their house, we’ve also made it easier than ever to communicate from your house. With our new Answer Anywhere and Selective Call Acceptance features, your home phone is no longer limited directly to your home. Answer Anywhere allows your land-line to ring simultaneously across five numbers – including your cell – while Selective Call Acceptance lets you program your phone to accept or ignore calls as you deem appropriate.

We also made significant upgrades to our home phone management system VoiceZone – rolled out in late 2012 – as well as debuted the VoiceZone Connect app, allowing users to control their phone and its features from their Mac, PC or mobile device.


Mobile was a huge focus for TWC throughout 2013 with a massive overhaul to our MyTWC and MyServices apps. Not only can our customers now manage their new phone features, pay their bills and review their data usage while on-the-go, they can now troubleshoot the simplest issues directly from their living rooms without a call to customer care. Rebooting cable boxes and maintaining modems is now as simple as logging-on and 1-2-3.

That said, fixing TV from your mobile device isn’t nearly as fun as watching TV, and all throughout 2013, Time Warner Cable debuted its TWC TV app on a number of exciting new platforms. Earlier this year, we launched OnDemand and live television programming for Roku streaming players. Shortly thereafter, we premiered the app with those very same services for the Xbox gaming console. But to cap off an already extraordinary year, we rolled out the app for Samsung SmartTV’s, as well, and made our eagerly anticipated debut on the Kindle Fire HD and HDX.

All told, the  TWC TV app is now available on a staggering seven unique platforms.

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And regardless of whether you’re on the move outdoors or not moving at all in-doors, our TWC OnDemand options have only continued to grow throughout 2013. Over the last year, we’ve added an additional 2,000 pieces of content. That’s a total of more than 18,000 available choices across networks like AMC, Disney, Encore, Esquire, NFL and Scripps. TWC subscribers on-demanded a mind-blowing 1.65 billion streams this year, including 2013’s ten most popular movie rentals.

Meanwhile, we worked effortlessly to keep your favorite channels on the TWC line-up, reaching long-term, multi-year deals with partners like Viacom and Discovery. All while adding captivating new channels such as Al Jazeera America. And in our efforts to ensure that premiums like HBO are available anywhere, anytime, on any of your devices, we also unveiled the SHOWTIME Anytime service.

But for all the new platforms, apps, features, channels and pieces of content, as much as it’s about customers, it’s also about community. This year, TWC ‘s Connect a Million Minds initiative launched the “STEM in Sports” campaign at the White House, highlighting the importance of science, technology, engineering and math for our emerging youth and underlining the role they play in sports.



Superstars like Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar graciously participated. From partnering with the Buffalo Bills, to cooking lessons with the Food Network’s Chef Anne Burrell, to local efforts like LA’s Heal the Bay event, our Connect a Million Minds program remains committed to the task of encouraging our youth to embrace the arts and sciences.

And while these were just a fraction of the improvements made and innovations offered across the last four quarters, closing out a single year is nothing compared to closing out an entire career. TWC’s outgoing CEO Glenn Britt will be leaving us after four decades in the industry, passing the torch to incoming captain Rob Marcus. To celebrate Glenn’s incredible half-century of leadership in this constantly evolving industry, we recently conducted a four-part conversation with our beloved boss-man filled with professional wisdom and personal insight. By all of us here – and, indeed, everybody in the industry – you will be missed, sir!


Glenn Britt, Part One: The Early Years

Glenn Britt, Part Two: Career Legacy

Glenn Britt, Part Three: The Origin of Roadrunner High-Speed Internet

Glenn Britt, Part Four: On Rob Marcus and the Future of TWC

And to you, our faithful Untangled readers and TWC subscribers, we hope you’ve enjoyed and benefitted from the services we’ve offered over the last twelve months; we hope that you’ll continue to grow and innovate with us in the year – and years – to come; but mostly, we hope that each of you have a happy, healthy New Year! Our deepest thanks and best wishes to you all! See you in 2014!

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    And yet your Insight Columbus acquired system, remains in the dark ages. For 6 months now we’ve been told great new things are coming and none have materialized.

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