December 18, 2013



TWC TV App Comes to Kindle in Holiday Blitz of Updates and Features

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Time Warner Cable is gifting customers with a blitz of products and features just in time for the holiday season. We are rolling out significant updates to the TWC TV app for Roku, Xbox 360, and Samsung Smart TV’s. We’re also thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated debut of TWC TV on Kindle Fire HD and HDX.

With the ability to watch TV at home or on-the-go with Amazon’s Kindle device, the TWC TV App now is available on seven platforms – Apple iOS, Android, PC & Mac, Roku Streaming Players, Xbox 360 and Amazon Kindle Fire – nearly as many platforms for delivering quality content as Santa has reindeer.

And in celebration of the classic, old-fashioned holiday pun, we’ll forge ahead with the details.

Kindle Bells

In what will no doubt become the ultimate example of “Read the Book, Watch the Movie,” the TWC TV App is now available on the Kindle Fire HD and HDX. Time Warner Cable subscribers can now read – and then watch – The Walking Dead on the very same device, revisiting their favorite novels before catching their adaptations on late-night TV.


Download the free app from the Amazon Appstore and current Standard or Preferred level video customers will enjoy up to 300 channels of live TV available in-home, plus up to 10 live channels accessible away from home (including BBC America, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Food Network, HGTV, Time Warner Cable News, Revolt TV, Travel Channel and TV Guide Network). They’ll have in-home access to more than 5,000 pieces of free and subscription-based On Demand programming, as well as 1,100 titles currently available outside the home. They’ll also be able to manage recordings and change channels on compatible set-top boxes directly from their Kindle Fire.

When was the last time a library book let you do any of that?


In celebration of the release of TWC TV for Kindle Fire HD and HDX, we put together a quick list of five fantastic novels, all of which have equally entertaining adaptations currently available On Demand. Check out both versions on your Kindle Fire today!

  1. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charles Adlard (AMC On Demand)
  2. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (Movies On Demand)
  3. World War Z by Max Brooks (Movies On Demand)
  4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Movies On Demand)
  5. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (HBO On Demand)

Samsung, Baby, Hurry Down the Chimney

Back in July, Time Warner Cable rolled out our On Demand-only application for Samsung Smart TV’s, allowing owners to enjoy more than 5,000 pieces of free and subscription-based programming. But with the holidays fast approaching and every room in your house about to be invaded by in-laws, nieces, nephews and cousins, TWC is gifting users by upgrading the app with live TV.


Now any room with a Samsung Smart TV – even those without a cable box – will have access to the current TWC TV channel line-up of up to 300 channels. Food Network streaming in the kitchen, Nick Jr. in the kid’s room and FX in the parlor makes for a happy, relaxed holiday celebration. So long as you’re a Standard or Preferred-level video subscriber your Samsung Smart TV (2012 model or later) will have access to up to 300 live channels and hundreds of hours of On Demand programming.

Simply update or download the app from “Samsung Apps” and fill your home with as many channels as you have TVs. Who needs Nat King Cole when your holiday soundtrack can have Chopped, Spongebob and Sons of Anarchy playing all at once?


Dashing Through the Snow-ku

We’re rolling out On Demand content to our existing live TV app for Roku. TWC TV premiered on Roku last March with up to 300 channels of live television. Now we’ve added free and subscription based On Demand to the mix, as well as a few overall enhancements to the app.

Customers will now have access to more than 5,000 entertainment choices from nearly 100 top networks. We’ve spiffed up the home screen in its best holiday reindeer sweater with a scaled video window featuring a live stream of the last tuned channel. Improved browsing and On Demand search functionality will also help you find your favorite programming faster. Closed captioning support is also available for our hearing-impaired customers. Or simply for those who can’t hear It’s a Wonderful Life over the yammering of their relatives.


Merry X-Mas 360

Lastly, gamers are now getting the gift of television as Time Warner Cable updates its TWC TV app for the Xbox 360 console, adding free and subscription-based On Demand content. The update also includes an exclusive “share” feature that allows users to message each other while channel surfing via Xbox Live messaging. TWC subscribers and Xbox Live Gold members who currently enjoy (or download) the app will have access to more than 5,000 On Demand choices and in-app messaging.


  1. Chris G's reply

    What about the TWC app for Panasonic TVs? You showed that off at CES in 2012 and it has yet to be released.

  2. Sam's reply

    This is all great news. We no longer subscribe to your cable service but these updates make it much more desirable.

    +Add full Chromecast support. Many who have used it understand it is the future of controlling the TV.
    +The HBO+Starter TV deal is a great step forward, but until you offer the TWC app with it I’m not sure many will bite. Why can’t I get the Starter channels through the Roku? It forces you to pay $10 a month extra to use a large clunky cable box instead of the nice Roku (or hopefully soon Chromecast) app. For people like us, you might as well not even include the channels. But at least it’s a step in the right direction. You shouldn’t need a cable box to use TWC (write that down).
    +Offer set packages at set prices that can be upgraded or downgraded online. Nothing is more frustrating than going to my grandpa’s house and arguing with TWC customer service that he should get the prices advertised online. I shouldn’t have to do that. The customer service representatives shouldn’t have to lie at first and pretend they can’t give me those prices. TWC has made some great progress recently with price standardization and website ease of use. Why not go all the way? “No contracts or unexpected price changes, ever! Join TWC today.”

    There should be a smartphone/tablet app that has Live TV, On Demand, and Cloud DVR access sections. You select what you want and “cast” it to the TV through the Chromecast (and devices with Googlecast inside). No more cable boxes or physical DVR’s. Just a modem that connects you to the internet. I bet there are legal loopholes that restrict you from allowing channels outside the home but allow you to send Cloud DVR recordings anywhere in a service area (think Aereo). Allow 2 streams at a time (and unlimited at the main address) like Netflix. $10 a month for 20 hours of DVR, $20 a month for 50 hours, etc.

    Anyway, my two cents on improving cable.

  3. Sam Lynon's reply

    Just purchased an XBOX One and noticed no access was available to Time Warner through XBOX Live. What is the status on the release of an app for the new system?

  4. Ken G.'s reply

    Is one able to watch dvr’d shows on a kindle?

  5. Bryan C.'s reply

    When is twc rolling out the twc app for apple TV?

  6. Mallroy's reply

    You need to put TWC TV app on PlayStation 3 and 4

  7. Theo's reply

    I was able to watch SportsNet LA on the TWC app away from my home yesterday (4/9) afternoon and for the last couple of weeks, but later on that night the SportsNetLA channel was gone from the live TV portion. How come?

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