February 12, 2014



TWC Introduces Ultimate 100 Mbps Internet in NYC

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It was only a short time ago when the primary concern for online subscribers was, “Can I check my email and play Call of Duty?” A half-way decent up/down would get you to the other side of the Internet and back; an old-school Linksys Wi-Fi router was a luxury for your cell phone. Today, however, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and certain every day, household devices can impose a major drain on that once mighty connection. Thankfully, TWC has committed to providing its customers with the faster speeds and state-of-the-art equipment required to navigate this on-line, plugged-in world.

TWC will bring is fastest possible speed to New York City customers with the rollout of its Ultimate 100 Mbps plan. Subscribers to our Ultimate 50 tier will receive the upgrade automatically with the service available across all of NYC by the end of next week.

But while hitting the digital gas pedal has been a priority for Time Warner Cable, as announced last month, we’re about to go even further, even faster. TWC will soon begin introducing lightning-fast Internet speeds of 300 Mbps in markets across NYC and Los Angeles as part a brand new customer experience we’re currently calling TWC Maxx.

The Ultimate 100 tier provides double the download speed at no added cost plus the following features:

  • 30 email accounts
  • 10 GB email storage space
  • Free Home WiFi
  • Free access to nearly 30,000 TWC WiFi Hotspots and 200,000+ Cable WiFi Hotspots
  • Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software

Time Warner Cable’s Ultimate 100 service first debuted in Kansas City in December 2012 and recently launched to residential and business customers in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

More and more, the Internet has become a necessity, a place to go for news, weather, education, entertainment, traffic updates, financial strategy and a host of other day-to-day needs. From the casual user to the high-tech, always-on wizards of the digital age, TWC is committed to providing a variety of affordable services. Ranging from Everyday Low Price Internet to our Ultimate package, Time Warner Cable’s Internet offerings will only continue to improve throughout 2014 and beyond.


  1. Sam's reply

    According to Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, Time Warner Cable provided an average speed of 1.99 Mbps in January 2013 compared to a speed of 2.01 Mbps in January 2014. The past few months that number has been trending downward. My question, that I posed to TWC customer service a year ago, is this: why would I pay more for imaginary speed? I trialed the 50 Mbps service a year ago and found it could not handle HD Netflix or YouTube any better than Standard. This is with a top of the line modem and router.

    If I receive the same (poor) real world speeds on Standard as I do on Ultimate, there simply is no reason to upgrade. It would be foolish to pay more. Time Warner Cable seems to think upping the advertised speed is their key to success. Most people don’t care if they have 15 Mbps or 100 Mbps. They just want the 6 Mbps Super HD Netflix stream to work during peak hours. I even trialed DSL because the problem was so bad. TWC is fortunate they have no decent competition in my area.

    Ultimately, a few months later something outside of our house magically improved and we now stream Super HD Netflix without a problem. But I think it’s important to remind TWC that increasing an advertising number is not useful to a consumer, while increasing real world performance is. I don’t care if our connection is 15/1 or 300/30. I just want my streaming video services coming in at the highest quality during peak hours. If TWC offered a tier that guaranteed that I would gladly pay double what we are currently paying.

  2. Steven D's reply

    How will/is the Comcast catastrophe going to affect this roll out? Will we have 100 or 300 Mbps or more with a 250 GB cap!?

  3. John's reply

    Interesting that all the cities getting upgraded speeds are also the only cities where Google Fiber and other ultra-high-speed providers are making Time Warner the obvious bad choice. What about the rest of us without the luxury of a competitor? Why is the rest of the country stuck with mediocre speeds which cost too much anyway?

  4. Jon's reply

    Why is there no mention of upload speed here? I would assume that means it is staying the same? 5mbps up on a 100mbps down is pretty worthless. With the focus of consumers shifting to cloud computing upload speed is a huge factor for consumers. Why should I use TWC 100/5 mbps when Verizon FiOS 50/25 mbps gives me a more seamless experience.

  5. Robert conrad's reply

    My speed got upgrade to 100 but when I test it I get on a “wired” connection it tops out at 60ish mb. We need more upload speeds as those will make cloud usage worthless

  6. Matt's reply

    I have been using TWC ultimate in Manhattan since it became available, and for a while had dl/ul speeds very close to the maximums (so 45mb/4mb).
    then suddenly in February I started getting very long and repeated disconnections, and after buying a new modem (DOCIS 3.0) I was able to go back to a steady connection, with acceptable speed (35mb/3mb)
    And then I received the infamous letter stating that I would get the double speed (100mb!) at no cost!
    Since then I have a speed fluctuating between 30mb and 4mb(!) on the download side, and between 1mb and 2.5mb on the upload. Needless to say, the peek hours are the worst.
    Same fluctuations and poor speeds for a friend who just recently moved to Manhattan (ultimate as well, and not in my neighborhood)
    So I would say that advertising “TWC Introduces Ultimate 100 Mbps Internet in NYC” is maybe a little too much, and – as I am browsing to find out if anyone had found a cause for these changes or even if there is any reason to pay 90$/month instead of getting the lowest plan – I allow myself to comment on this article.

    I will add that I am a computer science engineer, so I know what I am doing on my side of the network, and that the technical support has always been very polite on the phone, but after spending your tenth one-hour-call with no results you just end up suffering silently because, well, it is not like I have any other choice, isn’t it?

    [tl;dr: No need to go for the Ultimate plan until this is fixed, if ever]

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