March 04, 2014



EPIX Comes to Time Warner Cable

EPIX Featured

For many, the popular entertainment network EPIX first landed on people’s radar when comedian Louis C.K. debuted his 2010 stand-up special Hilarious on the newly minted network. Hitting at the height of the funnyman’s rise to fame, the special introduced a number of viewers not only to Louis C.K.’s best performance to date, but also to a wide selection of films, concerts and documentaries. Since then, the network has grown considerably and today, TWC has announced that it will be adding EPIX to its national line-up of networks on Tuesday, March 18.

The launch will deliver thousands of movies and original programs to Time Warner Cable customers across four new channels: EPIX, EPIX 2, EPIX 3 and EPIX Drive-in. To celebrate the launch – and to give folks a test-drive of the first-rate content – we’ll be treating our Variety Pass customers to three free months of EPIX, including its multiplex services. The channels will be available in both standard and high-definition with the exception of EPIX Drive-In, currently available only in SD.

Not only is EPIX a linear channel that you can now access at home or On Demand, it also offers a sleek website and mobile app from which to access its robust library of content. The EPIX app is now available for Windows 8, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Roku, Kindle Fire, and via any iOS and Android device. Check out the streaming version online at 

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Content that TWC subscribers may now watch or stream include blockbusters such as Hunger Games, Skyfall, Star Trek Into Darkness, GI Joe: Retaliation, The Avengers, The Expendables 2, World War Z, Jack Reacher, Red Dawn and more. EPIX also presents original programming including musical concerts featuring Madonna and P!NK, comedy specials from superstar laughers like Patton Oswalt and documentaries such as TWA Flight 800 and Schooled: The Price of College Sports.

For markets where TWC’s Theme-Based Channel Lineup has taken effect, EPIX can be seen from channel 594 to 599, specifically:

  • 594 – EPIX On Demand
  • 595 – EPIX East
  • 596 – EPIX West
  • 597 – EPIX 2
  • 598 – EPIX 3
  • 599 – EPIX Drive-In

For all other markets, check or your local listings for more.


  1. David's reply

    Thanks, but how about Watch TCM?

  2. Don's reply

    It’s March 18th and I don’t see EPIX on my TV yet. I thought TW was offering EPIX on March 18th…

  3. Tom Gray's reply

    I can’t seem to find any Epix channels on my channel guide. I live in Maine. Has Epix been added yet? Thank you for your time.

  4. Frank Lopez's reply

    I received a notice for complimentary access to EPIX from 3/18/14 to 6/18/14. The notice states I should tune to channel 376, but the channel does not exist. How do I access EPIX free of charge?

  5. Frank Lopez's reply

    How do I access EPIX free of charge for 3 months?

  6. Nan's reply

    Epoxy is channel 595. We are supposed to get this free, but it is only reality shows. What’s up? Not so great, no movies at all

  7. Sherri Nettell's reply

    Is EPIX available on demand? If so, what channel is it on?

  8. Tony Petri's reply

    Is EPIX on demand free?

  9. Joe's reply

    Make sure you are subscribed to Variety Pass for Epix OD to work.

  10. David Goldstein's reply

    A true preview would give you all the aspects of what you can expect when you sign up. When does the line up change? Is it on the first of the month? If so, why did it not change on April or May 1st?

  11. jeff rissala's reply

    I wish there was a way that TWC could notify it’s customers of free preview channels. The only way most of your customers learn of this is through word of mouth. Poor marketing.

  12. Tom Rodenkirch's reply

    I’m trying to find the channel listings for a TV which doesn’t have a DVR attached. There are 4 channels on 48 alone. I can’t find the list online. Where can I get a printable lineup?

    Thank you

  13. Lawrence's reply

    With regard to the EPIX channel, you must be catering to people with short-term memory loss because you repeat the same movies a hundred times over. Beyond that, I just love to watch movies that aired on local network stations thirty years ago. And who doesn’t like to watch color bars while listing to the movie soundtrack, like today on three of the EPIX channels. Keep up the good work TWC.

  14. Andrew Russell's reply

    Hi Tom, you can find a printable lineup at Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “channel lineups” and from there you have the option of viewing an online version sorted by zip code, and in most cases a downloadable PDF. Hope this helps!

  15. WMichaels's reply

    The free Epix for the last couple months was nice. I enjoyed many movies during the free trial. Thanks for the movies.

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