December 23, 2015

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6 TWC Exclusive Apps to Get You Through the Holidays

Between all the planning, traveling, and shop-’til-you-drop-ing, the holidays can be hectic. Make the most of your TWC subscription in the midst of all the feasting and merriment by downloading our exclusive TWC apps in the App Store or on Google Play.

1. Phone 2 Go 
Whether you’re spending Christmas on the beach in Waikiki or New Years in New Zealand, you can now take the benefits of your TWC landline with you. Download Phone 2 Go to use your TWC home phone line via WiFi anywhere in the world. Keep in touch with family and friends through voice calls, texts, and even video calls at no extra cost.


Subscribers can also view or listen to home voicemail remotely, and even sign up to receive their messages via text.

While you’re waiting to check out with a cart full of candy canes, ‘nog, and roast beast, you can keep up on all your favorite programming with dozens of live channels, and thousands of shows and movies On Demand through the TWC TV app. TWC TV also offers up to 300 live channels and 16,000 On Demand choices while you’re at home. So you’re free to take your tablet to the other room when the “Ladies of London” marathon coincides with the big game.


And for nights when spur of the moment soirees detain you from catching the latest “Homeland” or “Supergirl,” never fear. You can log in to TWC TV to manage your DVR and save the day. View a list of recordings on all of the DVRs in your home, change the recording priority of shows, and view the estimated percentage of storage used.

3. Time Warner Cable IntelligentHome
If you’re spending the holidays at the in-laws in Des Moines, you’ll be able to ensure your pad back in Los Angeles is safe and sound from the palm of your hand when you subscribe to IntelligentHome. This Jetsons-esque app allows you to manage your entire house remotely from your phone or tablet. Lock the door, disarm the security system, turn off the lights, and adjust the thermostat with just a tap.


Monitor your abode via multiple live security cameras and take a photo or video of the footage so you can find it later in the app’s “History” section.

4.  My TWC 
Service doesn’t slow down for TWC during the holidays. If you need to reach our customer care team, download the My TWC app so you’ll spend as little time as possible away from the festivities. If you need to reach a representative, select the option to schedule an immediate call back or at a time that works for you. You can chat live over text through the app or if you live in Texas or New York you can even participate in a video chat with the representative for a more personalized call.

TWC Chat Repair Specialist Rob Shelley speaks to Content Creation Manager Jessica Reinis through the My TWC app.

Here I am with TWC Chat Repair specialist Rob Shelley, trying out our video chat feature.

If for some reason Santa’s sleigh interferes with your TWC cable signal, Internet or phone line, you can troubleshoot issues and follow detailed in-app instructions to resolve your technical problems ASAP.

5. TWC News 
If you’re in need of conversation fodder for the office holiday shindig, bone up on current events with the TWC News App. Watch live streaming or On Demand politics, weather, sports and more from your local Time Warner Cable news network. Become an ace reporter like NY1’s Pat Kiernan when you submit news and photo tips to your local TWC stations through the app.

newsapp6.  TWC WiFi Finder 
The TWC WiFi Finder App is the key to unlocking all of the amazing apps above when you’re on the go and don’t want to spend extra money on mobile data. Find the 400,000 free and secure TWC WiFi hotspots nationwide and view them in map or list format. Get directions to the nearest hotspot and even find hotspots when you aren’t connected to the Internet. If you think your local mall should have free TWC WiFi, request a hotspot through the app with a simple tap.

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