April 06, 2016

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Maximize Your TWC TV Experience with the Latest Updates for Android

Today we started rolling out some exciting updates to the TWC TV app for Android, now available in Google Play. Here are some of the highlights of the new and improved features:

Search Smarter 




Search for a show by title or actor, to find the latest content available, depending on your location. Let’s say you want to watch “The Voice.” In addition to typing in the title, you can now search for the show’s celebrity voice coach, Christina Aguilera. The app will list all available episodes, whether that’s a live episode (if it is currently airing), a future episode for DVR recording, or earlier episodes available On Demand. If sports are more your style, you can now search by team to watch the big game live.

Search Faster 


predictive search

Are you in a hurry to watch your favorite show? Luckily, predictive search allows you to type in the first few characters, and the app will auto populate the titles of the most popular programs.

Parental Controls



Take command of what your kids watch when they borrow your phone or tablet. Block entire channels or control the shows they see based on movie or TV rating, across all of your TWC TV enabled devices. You can also set a PIN to temporarily and painlessly remove blocks. (Unlike parental control settings, PIN overrides apply only to a single device.)

Bookmark for the Future


watch later 2

Tap “Watch Later” to save quick links to movies and TV series you want to watch in the future. Your favorites will be stored in one place under “On Demand” and “Watch Later.”

We’ll be adding these updates to other platforms soon, so stay tuned. For more on the TWC TV app, click here.

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