April 01, 2016

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Orange You Going To Watch TWC’s Final Four Coverage?

It’s a rare feat when a college basketball team reaches the Final Four. So, when Syracuse University found out its men’s team was headed to Houston and the women were going to Indianapolis for their title runs, Orange pride took over much of New York state.

To squeeze out every bit of this pride, Time Warner Cable SportsChannel has extensive coverage of the Orange. Our special Final Four programming kicked off yesterday and continues today at 2:15 p.m. on the East Coast with a live broadcast of the SU men’s press conference, featuring the players and coach Jim Boeheim.

It continues throughout the weekend with special programming, pre- and post-game shows, in-depth analysis and reactions from both teams. For a detailed list of Final Four coverage and programming, click here.

TWC SportsChannel’s wall-to-wall coverage is a great example of our partnership with Syracuse University Athletics, which we featured back in August, 2014. In the video below, see why this long-term relationship remains so very special.

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