April 04, 2016

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Phone Privacy Features Find New Home in “Peace and Quiet”

Ah, the sweet sound of silence. No constant phone ringing or nagging robocallers trying to sell me something I don’t need or want. That’s the state of my house now that I’ve turned on all of the Time Warner Cable phone features designed to restore peace and quiet to my home.


If you follow Untangled or consumer news, maybe you’ve heard about these features before. We’re starting to hear accolades from consumer groups and legislative leaders for helping people take control of the calls coming into their home. Now we’re making it even easier for our customers to find these features on our phone website, VoiceZone, by calling it what it is: Peace & Quiet.

This updated website is all about putting the phone features our customers want most front and center, so they are simple to find and activate. The new Peace & Quiet section groups all of the privacy features under a single heading, and includes the simplification of several feature names.

So bring some Peace & Quiet to your home by activating any or all of these free features today. Here’s how:

1. Use your TWC ID to sign in to your TWC account at myservices.timewarnercable.com (If you don’t have or remember your TWC ID, visit twc.com and register to get it).

2. Click on the My Phone tab at the upper right of the page

3. Click on the VoiceZone link

4. Select “Settings”

5. Select “edit” in the Peace & Quiet section


6. Turn on any or all of the following features:

Call Blocker Select (formerly Selective Call Blocking)
• No more annoying people bothering you
• Select up to 30 specific phone numbers to never hear from again

Call Blocker Basic (formerly Anonymous Call Rejection)
• No more secretive people bothering you
• Block calls from people who won’t share their Caller ID information

Call Blocker Plus (formerly Enhanced Anonymous Call Rejection)
• No more sneaky people bothering you
• Block calls from people who set their Caller ID to “No Caller ID”
Note: May block some incoming international calls

Nomorobo (New no cost, third-party service)
• No more robocalls or telemarketers bothering you
• Block calls from known telemarketers and robocallers

Nomorobo VoiceZone screen (2)

Call Blocker Accept (formerly Selective Call Acceptance)

• Accept calls only from phone numbers you place on your Call Accept List

Block Your Outbound Caller ID
• Choose to not display your Caller ID on all outbound calls you place

To learn more about phone service from Time Warner Cable, go to www.twc.com/phone.

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