May 03, 2016

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Four Things Every Small Business Should Know

National Small Business Week 2016

It’s National Small Business Week, with the key word being – “National.” It doesn’t matter how small your business may be. The fact is, your business has national, even global reach in today’s web world. The internet, WiFi and social media give your small business the same marketing opportunities as big companies.

Yesterday, Time Warner Cable Business Class released the results of its Small Business Technology Impact Study aimed at helping small businesses better engage and connect with consumers. The results also allowed us to tap into some smart advice from the editor of Smart Hustle Magazine, Ramon Ray.

Today, Ramon is back with more quick videos loaded with big tips for small businesses.

Responding to online reviews should never include a punch to the face.

What do hackers, pound cake and ice cream have to do with internet security?

If you build a tribe, they will come.

You like pink – your customers like blue.

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