Make no mistake: this is a corporate blog. Sure, we’ve got an agenda. But who doesn’t? At least ours isn’t hidden. It’s out there in the open and you can see it from a running mile.

Does this blog feature news releases? You bet your bandwidth it does. But you’ll also see so much more. We’re here to pull back the curtain when we can and give you a look behind the scenes at one of America’s largest cable companies. Delivering broadband, phone and cable TV to customers’ homes and businesses is a minor miracle and major achievement — and our customers depend on those services more and more every day. We want to give you a look at how broadband works, what it takes to make cable cable, and introduce you to the people that make it all happen.

We’ve got over 51,000 employees across the country who take care of more than 15 million customers. We are your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, and we’ve got some pretty interesting stories to tell. We tell them here.

Untangled is primarily written and edited by Jeff Simmermon, Time Warner Cable’s Director of Digital Communications. For now, he’ll (who are we kidding I’LL) be writing the bulk of this thing. However, more and more people here are going to grow into bloggers, too, and we’re looking forward to it.