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What’s All The Hubbub About Hubs?

LA Hub

Time Warner Cable is making groundbreaking improvements that will provide customers with up to six times faster Internet speeds, a clearer TV picture, and more service choices. These enhancements will roll out first in Los Angeles and New York City – our two largest markets. Such an undertaking requires a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes at… Read more »

New York City Flagship Store Celebrates Grand Opening

Flagship Ribbon Featured

Last month, TWC trumpeted the opening of its flagship store in New York City’s historical Flatiron district. This week, Time Warner Cable employees, customers and assorted neighborhood businesses gathered for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony. The afternoon was filled with celebration and snacks, offering up Cake Boss goodies, the EPIX movie-themed food truck, a Game of… Read more »

TWC Goes South by Southwest


The 2014 South by Southwest festival is gearing up to highlight the best in music, film and interactive technology. Taking place in Austin, Texas, SXSW has been in fierce competition with festivals such as Sundance for the unofficial title of Hippest Entertainment Event of the Year. Celebrities, reporters and audiences will converge on the Lone… Read more »

EPIX Comes to Time Warner Cable

EPIX Featured

For many, the popular entertainment network EPIX first landed on people’s radar when comedian Louis C.K. debuted his 2010 stand-up special Hilarious on the newly minted network. Hitting at the height of the funnyman’s rise to fame, the special introduced a number of viewers not only to Louis C.K.’s best performance to date, but also… Read more »

What is IPv6? TWC Upgrades the Internet

IPv6 Featured

For many, the Internet has become the everyday equivalent of digital tap water, available in unlimited quantities for a modest monthly fee. When operating as it should, the user experience is relatively seamless – simply fire up your home laptop and surf or stream to the very end of the Internet. It’s an unconsidered luxury,… Read more »

TWC’s Flagship Store Opens in NYC: Take the Tour

Flagship Featured

Stepping into our new, state-of-the-art TWC flagship store – located on 23rd St. in the historic Flatiron district of NYC – feels a bit like shopping in the future.  TVs, monitors, over-sized tablets and hands-on demo stations blend seamlessly with curved, bamboo structures and metropolitan, exposed-brick facades. Like if the Jetsons had lived in a… Read more »

Get the Details on TWC’s Plan to Transform TV & Internet Experience

Meet the Experts (2)

Earlier this month, TWC’s Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus wrote a blog post about how we are rededicating ourselves to providing superior customer service. Today, we’re announcing a major step in that initiative – a plan to transform the Time Warner Cable customer experience, beginning with our two largest markets, New York City and Los Angeles. We’re… Read more »

An Engineering Pioneer With A Few Emmys Is All In A Day’s Work


The terms “trailblazer” and “pioneer” are often loosely tossed around. But in the case of TWC’s Louis Williamson, those terms only scratch the surface of what this brilliant engineer has accomplished. Williamson has been called the father of HFC. In simple terms, he’s the engineer who figured out how to move video over fiber optic… Read more »

TWC Submerges Fiber-Optic Cable Off Maine Coast


  Ever wondered what it takes to submerge a fiber-optic cable on the ocean floor? In November, TWC installed a 3,000-foot fiber-optic line between the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven. The project was part of our ongoing effort to expand access to high-speed broadband in rural areas. Prior to the installation of the undersea… Read more »

Time Warner Cable: A Year in Review


As any year counts down its final hours, it’s easy to look ahead to the following 365 days with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Here at TWC we’re thrilled at the prospects that 2014 holds for the industry and our customers, but we’re also incredibly proud of all that we accomplished over the last… Read more »