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Glenn Britt Part 3: The Origin of RoadRunner High-Speed Internet


What’s the Internet? Great inventions usually begin with a simple question. For Edison, it was how to light a home with electricity. For Ford, it was how to mass produce automobiles. For Glenn Britt, Carl Rossetti, and other cable executives at Time Warner Inc. in 1993, it was how to transform the company’s new, $5… Read more »

How We’re Promoting Broadband Adoption in Urban America


Tomorrow, we’re participating in The National Urban League’s Urban Ideas Forum 2013 at the National Public Radio Headquarters. The afternoon session will be about advancing a Broadband Agenda for Urban America. As a leading provider of video, broadband and voice services in the U.S., with more than 15 million customers and 52,000 employees in 29… Read more »

Calling for More Unlicensed Spectrum to Support Future Communication Needs


The cable industry has invested heavily in the deployment of more than 200,000 Wi-Fi access points across the country, with more deployed every day. In addition to individual company deployments, five cable providers teamed up in 2012 to provide reciprocal wireless broadband access using unlicensed spectrum for each other’s subscribers nationwide. Studies calculate the annual… Read more »

We Are Awarding a Research Stipend to “The National Broadband Plan – An LGBT Perspective”


The Internet is changing our economy, culture, and community really, really fast. It’s changing it so fast that we may not be entirely aware of how our world is changing, or how we can keep up. That’s why our Research Program on Digital Communication grants stipends to scholars to pursue research that helps us –… Read more »

Cable Tech Serves Remote Maine Island

Time Warner Cable Technician, Maine

At least two mornings a week Time Warner Cable technician Matt Holloway drives to the Rockland, Maine, ferry terminal. He parks his truck, grabs his raincoat and packs his lunch, tools, extra modems and set-top boxes in an orange roller bag. Then he boards the Captain Charles Philbrook for the one-hour and 15-minute crossing to… Read more »

Time Warner Cable Making Its NYC WiFi HotSpots Free To Anyone Until July 16th


I mentioned a while back that we’re adding a lot more WiFi Hotspots in New York City. Well, from Friday July 12th to Tuesday, July 16th, as the Official WiFi™ Providers of Major League Baseball All-Star Week, we are making over 2,700 outdoor Hotspots available to anyone at all, for free – whether or not… Read more »

We Are Deploying Food Trucks Across New York City This Weekend


We’re celebrating our expanded WiFi network in New York City and partnership as the “Official WiFi Provider” of MLB All-Star week by deploying a convoy of food trucks across the city from Friday, July 12 to Tuesday, July 16. MLB All-Stars will be appearing with selected food trucks to hand out complimentary baseball paraphernalia and… Read more »

Explained: Why Internet Traffic Slows At Times


Occasionally, Internet users experience a lagging video game or a stuttering YouTube video. We do our best to minimize buffering and other slowdowns at Time Warner Cable, but this is normal for broadband users at any Internet service provider, at least some of the time. The reasons, as we’ll explain below, have to do with… Read more »

Time Warner Cable Customers Can Now Access Over 150,000 WiFi Hotspots

Here’s something helpful: as of this morning, Time Warner Cable customers will have access to over 150,000 WiFi hotspots in major cities across the nation. Here’s a pretty cool interactive map that will show you exactly where you can get WiFi access – just enter your address and click “Go.” If you think this is… Read more »

TWC and LULAC Open Technology Center in Ohio

Our company recently added another location to a partnership with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). The latest “Empower Hispanic America Technology Center” was opened in April at OCCHA (Organización Cívica y Cultural Hispana Americana), a non-profit organization assisting the Spanish-speaking community in Youngstown, Ohio. TWC’s partnership with LULAC is a multi-year effort… Read more »