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The Need For Speed Means Faster Internet For Parts Of NYC And LA


Don’t blink New York City and Los Angeles. You just might miss how fast your Internet moves thanks to some groundbreaking improvements made by Time Warner Cable. TWC is now delivering Internet speeds up to 300 Megabits per second (Mbps) to customers in several New York and LA communities following network upgrades. We’re transforming the customer experience by boosting… Read more »

TWC WiFi Turns Small Businesses Into Local Hotspots


The never-ending quest to keep customers happy is inspiring small businesses to think big. It’s no wonder that many of these businesses are turning to WiFi provided by Time Warner Cable Business Class to keep their customers coming back. Why WiFi? Because we live in a tech-savvy world where just about everyone wants to stay… Read more »

TWC Goes Door-To-Door To Provide Superior Customer Service

Service Assurance in Kansas City

For more than a year now, Time Warner Cable customers in Kansas City have been opening their doors to a program called Service Assurance, where TWC Field Relations Representatives make house calls to head off any potential service issues. The field reps inspect customer equipment and they provide free product tutorials to ensure that subscribers are… Read more »

What’s All The Hubbub About Hubs?

LA Hub

Time Warner Cable is making groundbreaking improvements that will provide customers with up to six times faster Internet speeds, a clearer TV picture, and more service choices. These enhancements will roll out first in Los Angeles and New York City – our two largest markets. Such an undertaking requires a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes at… Read more »

Navigating TWC’s New Theme-Based Channel Lineup

channel lineup

It’s the Golden Age of Television – or so they keep saying – with seemingly endless amounts of high-quality programming in almost every category of TV. From first-rate, one-hour procedurals to hard hitting news; from laugh-a-minute sitcoms to HBO original series; from docu-dramas to The Daily Show, our viewing patterns are all over the map…. Read more »

TWC’s Marcus Talks Comcast Merger, Subscriber Growth at Deutsche Bank

Rob Marcus 2

Time Warner Cable Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus presented publicly before investors and analysts Wednesday, March 12 at the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, Fla. He talked in some detail about the company’s merger with Comcast and company-wide initiatives to revitalize the residential customer experience. Marcus also echoed public comments… Read more »

TWC Now Offers Free Calls to Mexico

Free Calls To Mexico

Staying in touch with family and friends just got a whole lot easier, especially for our nation’s fastest growing population. Time Warner Cable is expanding its “Unlimited Home Phone National Plan” to include free calls to Mexico. Under this plan, TWC phone customers can make free calls to anyone in Mexico. Whether calling a landline or a… Read more »

Get the Details on TWC’s Plan to Transform TV & Internet Experience

Meet the Experts (2)

Earlier this month, TWC’s Chairman and CEO Rob Marcus wrote a blog post about how we are rededicating ourselves to providing superior customer service. Today, we’re announcing a major step in that initiative – a plan to transform the Time Warner Cable customer experience, beginning with our two largest markets, New York City and Los Angeles. We’re… Read more »

TWC’s Artie Minson Looks Ahead to 2014

Minson Headshot Featured

TWC’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Artie Minson, presented publicly earlier this week at the Citi 2014 Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference in Las Vegas. Among the takeaways was Minson’s widely reported comment about how we (TWC) “have our mojo back” with regards to subscriber numbers. Minson also addressed ongoing mergers & acquisitions… Read more »