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TWC and Fan TV Offer a New Experience

Fan TV

With so many digital content options these days – live TV, VOD, Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, Amazon, etc. – there’s a seemingly endless array of programming to discover. But with so many choices at your fingertips, finding the right content for you and your family can often be a difficult search. Selecting the right device, then… Read more »

What’s All The Hubbub About Hubs?

LA Hub

Time Warner Cable is making groundbreaking improvements that will provide customers with up to six times faster Internet speeds, a clearer TV picture, and more service choices. These enhancements will roll out first in Los Angeles and New York City – our two largest markets. Such an undertaking requires a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes at… Read more »

TWC Lights Up SXSW


Last week, Time Warner Cable Media seized every opportunity to stamp its mark on the hippest annual music, film and interactive technology festival in Austin, Texas — South By Southwest. The nine-day festival showcased the best of digital technology as hundreds of bands performed across the city in pubs, restaurants and small concert venues. Time… Read more »

NCAA March Madness: There’s an App for That

ncaa march madness

It’s that time of year again – the time when college basketball fans don their jerseys, paint their faces, congregate in bars or around big-screen, living-room TVs and root (read: scream) for their favorite teams. The time of year when, regardless of wherever you got your BA, MA or Ph.D, everybody has an adopted alma… Read more »

Navigating TWC’s New Theme-Based Channel Lineup

channel lineup

It’s the Golden Age of Television – or so they keep saying – with seemingly endless amounts of high-quality programming in almost every category of TV. From first-rate, one-hour procedurals to hard hitting news; from laugh-a-minute sitcoms to HBO original series; from docu-dramas to The Daily Show, our viewing patterns are all over the map…. Read more »

TWC Goes South by Southwest


The 2014 South by Southwest festival is gearing up to highlight the best in music, film and interactive technology. Taking place in Austin, Texas, SXSW has been in fierce competition with festivals such as Sundance for the unofficial title of Hippest Entertainment Event of the Year. Celebrities, reporters and audiences will converge on the Lone… Read more »

With More than 30 Patents, TWC’s Kenneth Gould Aims for Innovation

Patent Featured

In a thousand different ways that you might never consider, innovation occurs every day here at Time Warner Cable. Go home, flip on your living room light switch and think for a second about the complex, inter-locking series of technologies required to make that work – from the switch itself, to the physical light-bulb, to… Read more »

EPIX Comes to Time Warner Cable

EPIX Featured

For many, the popular entertainment network EPIX first landed on people’s radar when comedian Louis C.K. debuted his 2010 stand-up special Hilarious on the newly minted network. Hitting at the height of the funnyman’s rise to fame, the special introduced a number of viewers not only to Louis C.K.’s best performance to date, but also… Read more »